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Velocity Systems Clarifies Threat Protection Level of VS-P34 Plates

Velocity Systems issued this statement in order to clear up any confusion regarding the threat protection level of their VS-P34 plates.

We have heard of a few instances of people incorrectly stating the threat level of our VS-P34 Plate.

Our P34 Plate is an In Conjunction With (ICW) Plate rated for both NIJ Level III and NIJ Level IV.

The P34 MUST be worn In Conjunction With VS-13A Soft Armor to achieve the stated threat level. (The reason for rating the plate to both III & IV is that the NIJ Level IV Threat Rating is not all inclusive of the NIJ Level III Threat Rating)

WARNING: The P34 is NOT a Stand-Alone Plate for ANY threat level. To assume this plate is a “Level III Stand-Alone and Level IV In-Conjunction WIth” is INCORRECT.


3 Responses to “Velocity Systems Clarifies Threat Protection Level of VS-P34 Plates”

  1. JSGlock34 says:

    I have a set of VS-PPE-1012 plates that are rated level III standalone, but I use them with VS kevlar soft armor (LPAC). Always wondered what the combined rating would be…

  2. Craig says:

    I have a pair of these plates (along with the backers) the difference in shape compared to the ESAPIs is noticeable but they are still great plates.

  3. English kanigit says:

    I just wish they would state what, if any, 5.56 threats they’ll stop rather than saying, “Well, it’ll probably work.”