Wiggy’s – Shoe Drier

    When you think of Wiggy’s, you generally think of sleeping bags. But, that’s not all Jerry Wigutow does. His latest product is an inexpensive shoe drier.

    While it can be used to dry almost anything, this “Shoe Drier” utilizes a viscose rayon fiber batting core to absorb moisture from your boots or other items in a similar fashion to stuffing your wet shoes with newspaper. Wiggy claims there is no known shelf life for this item and that it can be used indefinitely including field use so long as you dry it out each day. It can also be thrown in a standard dryer.


    For use in extremely wet or cold environments, Wiggy’s also offers a vest which can be worn below overgarments. You place the Shoe Drier in the vest in order to dry it with body heat.


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