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Wiggy’s – Shoe Drier

Monday, April 6th, 2015

    When you think of Wiggy’s, you generally think of sleeping bags. But, that’s not all Jerry Wigutow does. His latest product is an inexpensive shoe drier.

    While it can be used to dry almost anything, this “Shoe Drier” utilizes a viscose rayon fiber batting core to absorb moisture from your boots or other items in a similar fashion to stuffing your wet shoes with newspaper. Wiggy claims there is no known shelf life for this item and that it can be used indefinitely including field use so long as you dry it out each day. It can also be thrown in a standard dryer.


    For use in extremely wet or cold environments, Wiggy’s also offers a vest which can be worn below overgarments. You place the Shoe Drier in the vest in order to dry it with body heat.

    Four Roles Over Garment by r3adventures

    Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

    I love to find products developed by someone who had a need. With a design refined over the past eight years, the Four Roles Over Garment (FROG) is the brainchild of Dan Sparks, an Army and FBI veteran who was looking for a multi-purpose garment.


    The name FROG came about because it can be used for these four purposes:

    Sleeping bag

    In the right environmental conditions, It can be worn all of the time, even while driving, which can be very handy for those who are exposed to the elements while in transit. This is possible thanks to the large #10 side zips which give lots of mobility for your arms including operating machinery and using weapons.


    The full front zips make for easy donning and doffing as well as ventilation. You can also open it to access any gear that you wear under FROG. There is also an integrated, oversized hood as well as internal hand warmer pocket.


    Shown below is the jacket component by itself. As you can see, it’s sized quite generously and can fit over your kit. For additional camouflage, you can drape a Ghillie over it.


    There is a waist cinch so that you can tighten the FROG or hike it up a bit. While it looks long with the incorporated extension panel, it is built with enough room that you can take full strides and maneuver over rocks and logs.


    The modular design is really cool. The extension panel can be removed based on weather and features grommets for use as a sleeping pad or shelter.


    The extension panel can be zipped open to form a shelter or remain closed and crawled into sleeping bag style.


    There have been instances where one FROG has been shared between two users with one wrapping up in the jacket portion and the other using the extension panel to keep warm.


    The FROG is manufactured by Wiggy’s and insulated with Lamilite. This is a silicone treated continuous filament insulation that can be washed at home in your machine. Lamilite does a great job of regaining its loft even when vacuum packed. While Dan didn’t give me a specific temperature rating for the FROG, another user released that he had used his in wet conditions below 40 Deg F and remained comfortable.


    The FROG comes standard in MultiCam but can also be had in a variety of other colors and patterns including OD Green, Black, Coyote, Royal Blue, Purple, MARPAT and even UCP.

    Bungees and 550 cord not supplied but it does come with a stuff sack.

    MultiCam Materials – Zeta

    Thursday, July 26th, 2012

    SSD regularly showcases a different MultiCam print fabric from Duro Textiles LLC. This week, we are covering the Zeta fabric. MultiCam is a single camouflage pattern designed to hide the wearer in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. After a great deal of commercial success and adoption by elements of US Special Operations Forces, in 2010 MultiCam was selected for use by the US Army as its Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP).

    Zeta is an an IR compliant, water repellant 70D fabric in a ripstop weave. It is great for use as a face fabric in quilting applications due to its breathability. This is because it features a DWR finish and not a full waterproof coating.

    This product has a water repellant finish.
    This product is IR compliant.
    Download a test report here.

    Wiggy’s uses Zeta for the shell of the MultiCam Ultra Light sleeping bag. This is a +20 degree F that is available in 4 sizes and can be combined with an additional bag to bring the rating down to -20 degree F.

    Duro offers progressive pricing based on the number of yards ordered. For more information on this or any of the full line of MultiCam fabrics visit or email

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    Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

    Wiggy's Newsletter

    “In connection with Snugpak Limited Company’s defamation lawsuit against Wiggy’s Inc. and Jerry Wigutow, in Broward County Circuit Court, we are informing you that the matter has been amicably settled and we have withdrawn all references to Snugpak. Wiggy’s apologizes to Snugpak for any inaccurate information which appeared on the website or for any harm any such inaccurate information may have caused.”
    Wiggy’s Newsletter Nov 2009