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Rim Jack – An RMJ Tactical / American Kami Collaboration

Meet the Rim Jack. It’s a collaboration between RMJ Tactical and American Kami meant as a special build to raise awareness and money for the Green Beret Foundation. The only way you’ll be able to score one of these is when they are in limited release for fundraisers.


Essentially, the Rim Jack is an Eagle Talon head increased 10% with an open bid at the blade. Naturally, it’s 100% Made in the USA. The .9″ thick handle offers G10 grips (laser engraved with both brands’ logos) with a .275″ thick head made from DLC coated S7. The head is held in place via a mortis and tenon attachment with proprietary screws.

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3 Responses to “Rim Jack – An RMJ Tactical / American Kami Collaboration”

  1. mike says:

    I like how you can clearly see both of their influences in this piece. Two great makes get together to make something extra great!

  2. travis strid says:

    Ive many American Kami’s n many RMJ’s n there Haeks are 2nd to none. I cant Waite to dee n feel the collaboration between the masters of Disaster. 🙂

  3. leondu says:

    The collaboration of these two create master piece. The blade looks great and sharp.