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US Elite Gear – Limited Edition Combat Flip Flops Shemagh


US Elite has partnered with Combat Flip Flops to produce a limited edition US Elite-branded CCF Shemagh. Like the regular line of CFF Shemaghs, the US Elite Shemagh is sourced and embroidered in a women-owned factory in Kabul, Afghanistan. Additionally, for each Shemagh sold, Combat Flip Flops and the manufacturer donates funds to put an Afghan woman in secondary school for one day.


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One Response to “US Elite Gear – Limited Edition Combat Flip Flops Shemagh”

  1. Dellis says:

    I have serveral of these and buy them for people as gifts. I support Combat Flip Flops and believe in their mission.

    These are quality items and you can feel the difference in materials from these and other $9 shemagh’s.