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Patriot Ordnance Factory – New 7.62x39mm Patriot Full Page Ad




One Response to “Patriot Ordnance Factory – New 7.62x39mm Patriot Full Page Ad”

  1. Thatguy says:

    Very interested in this and would like to shoot it, but I guess the feed ramps are my biggest concern. PWS didn’t change their feed ramps for their x39 and it did not feed correctly as a result. Several feeding issues that involved a dremmel to a $1400 upper to fix the issue. Worked fine since but for what you pay, it should have a professional job done FROM THE FACTORY. M4 feed ramps, bolt face issues involving the extractor (usually due to the use of steel ammo), and the magazines are usually what hold back the 7.62×39 AR15 platform…that and a lot of people don’t want to bother with it due to the luxury of getting an AK…sub MOA is mighty impressive though