PM-SOF Issues RFI for New Modular Glove System

The Program Manager-Special Operations Forces Survival, Support & Equipment Systems (PM-SOF SSES) office at the U.S. Army Soldier Research Development, and Engineering Center, Natick, MA is seeking information regarding a modular glove system as a possible replacement to the current system (now in Mod 2) in use since the mid-2000s.

As a base line the current system consists of the following:
1. light weight anti contact liner glove
2. Combat glove
3. Mid weight waterproof glove
4. Cold weather glove with removable liner
5. Extreme cold mitten with removable liner
Note: The combat glove is independent from this system RFI, and should not be part of the planned response.



Outdoor Research Modular Glove System, Generation II: Firebrand Mitt (top left), Firebrand Glove (top right), Poseidon Glove (bottom left), Overlord Shorty (bottom center), Hurricane Glove (bottom right).

The RFI describes the Modular Glove System:
The purpose of the system is to provide cold, wind and wet weather protection down to a threshold of -20 and an objective of -40f. (While wearing extreme cold clothing such as protective combat uniform or extreme cold weather clothing system) The system shall be versatile and adaptable to changing weather conditions including, temperate cold, wet cold, and freezing conditions. The system shall be versatile allowing interchange of components to meet mission needs i.e operating radios, computers and weapon systems. It shall consist of no more than six layers including shell liners. The system shall have touch screen capability on layers intended as outer wear.

The system shall maintain protection from cold from -20 (threshold) -40 (objective), for 60 minutes or longer with light activity such as walking unencumbered.

Maintain waterproof breathable hand protection from +45 down to 0 with use of hand warmers and or liners. Providing a waterproof breathable shell that is separable from insulation to allow users various insulations adaptable to environment and activity.

It is desired that all insulation be removable to expedite drying time and allow users to swap insulated liners when wet as well as to increase system versatility.

Flame resistance or no melt/no drip are not required but desired performance fit/tactility, durability, moisture wicking performance is more important than flame resistance or no melt no drip.

The system must come in various sizes to fit the 5th to 95th percentile, there is no limit to the number of sizes to meet this requirement.

They are also seeking anti contact/combat gloves for test and evaluation purposes and would like the following information:
Weight, per pair size med
Sizes available:
Materials used in construction:
Colors and or patterns available.
Cost per system and component.

Manufacturers must be capable of supplying 40 pairs of gloves suitable for testing and prototype evaluation. There is no color requirement for the testing material; any readily available material may be utilized. Materials must be available in earth or subdued colors and meeting NIR. All materials use must be capable of being printed in AOR 1, AOR 2 and Multicam meeting both NIR and visual requirements. Materials must also meet the requirements of the Berry Amendment, 10 USC 2533a. Manufacturers who believe they have product(s) capable of meeting the above requirements are requested to submit 1 pair and a short summary including test report(s) showing performance characteristics of the material (no more than 5 pages total) describing their products’ capabilities in each of these areas, by the date noted below. The five (5) page summary must include Company name and address, point of contact with phone number, DUNS number, Cage Code and a statement regarding any small business designation (if applicable).

Interested vendors have until 30 April, 2015 to respond. Please visit for full details.

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