MATBOCK Is No Longer Shipping Through USPS

MATBOCK has made the decision to no longer offer USPS as a shipping option after fighting with postmasters within USPS for weeks over constant delayed orders and shipments. Simple orders like 1x MATBOCK hat are taking on average 3 weeks to be delivered to customers in California from Virginia. Sean – Co-Founder and CEO says “We are truly sorry to our customers for these delays and understand your frustrations, but know we are diligently working these issues” So as a result MATBOCK is offering 20% discount to those customers effected by these delays, but also to all new orders until 1 May.

Discount Code: NO_USPS


16 Responses to “MATBOCK Is No Longer Shipping Through USPS”

  1. Jbgleason says:

    Isn’t USPS run by the same government that is in the process of revolutionizing the healthcare industry?

  2. Scottito says:

    Not only will they lose your mail, but the US Postal Service has $47 Billion In losses In the past decade and counting.

    • Justin M. says:

      Thank your crony congress critters.

      The post office is the only group in united states that is responsible for massive prepayments into pre-retiree funds. Why? Because they are attempting to privatize the postal system for their lobbyist friends. By 2013 the postal service had pre-paid 44 billion so far and are responsible for 5.5 billion with a capital B per year. I’m all about it, but if this is the case, why not hold Government Motors, Government Electric, and the rest of our fortune 500 companies to the same standard?

      Keep in mind that the US postal service is responsible for a vast majority of your packages being received in a cost effective manner. Up to 2006 when the pre-retirement funding went into law, the USPS was doing well. Its also worth keeping in mind that both UPS and Fedex utilize the USPS for last mile service via SMARTPOST. Further, if left to their own devices (read market forces) the privates would not be delivering to folks in rural communities because those routes are not profitable.


  3. Patrick says:

    a shame for international customers who don’t want the hassle of using UPS or FedEx. Import a t-shirt, hey here’s a $30 processing fee.

  4. Bushman says:

    Good move.
    Unlike the behavior of some managers who get mad about clients asking where are their packages, complaining about that on Facebook, but doing nothing to improve the situation in general.

  5. AFDefender says:

    FedEx and UPS have both stated they could turn a profit with the USPS in a month if they assumed operations. I’ve caught my mailman opening my mail. My congressman can’t even bust through the bureaucracy and unions to fine or fire him.

    • Justin M. says:

      Because they are not legally required to prefund retirement liabilities nor would they be required to provide last mile services to rural america – a service both UPS and Fedex rely on the USPS to provide.

      Educate yourself. Its fascinating how much mis information is out there.

  6. Darrel says:

    USPS is a stain, I really hate dealing with them, unfortunately, they have the monopoly on FPO/APO mail, and even if I order through other services, it eventually has to get passed through USPS, and their ridiculous delays.

    I have not received a package in a timely manner for almost two years, so I guess delays are just the norm for me.

  7. SShink says:

    In upstate NY, it takes 2-3 weeks to get a letter…from northeast PA! USPS is a disaster. Hard to believe that a capitalist money machine like UPS has partnered with them. I now get small UPS packages in my mailbox.

    • Philip says:

      I hate that! I absolutely dread tracking a UPS shipment and seeing “Transferred to USPS sorting facility” or something along those lines.

  8. straps says:

    Hate to be the lone voice of dissent but USPS Priority is usually coast to coast in 3 days (just got a package from Fayetteville in that timeframe).

    3 weeks 1st class for a light weight item 1st class sounds like someone in the mail room is using the company meter for something other than lawful-to-ship-merchandise. Same thing happened at a (reputable) employer where I used to work. Service slowed, then we were neck deep in blue windbreakers. Fun day (NOT), but the beginning of the end of LOTS of customer complaints.

  9. Steve says:

    That’s too bad. There are a lot of things wrong with the USPS, but one thing they got right is the Priority Mail service. I live near a sort facility in Northern Virginia. The trucks go from the loading docks of the sprawling facility straight to Dulles Airport or another sort facility. The lobby counter closes at 5pm on Saturday, but the last mail pickup is 8pm. If I drop off a Priority Mail flat rate box there before 8pm on a Saturday, my sister receives it Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. For $12.65 for a medium flat rate box which I can fill to my heart’s desire, that is tremendous value. Plus, I use a self-service kiosk so I don’t have to deal with the employees at the counter. Another brilliant innovation.

    When addressing mail, you have to use the official address, which is not always the address that someone gives you. And use the 4-digit zip code extension as much as possible. I always look it up online. People make up all kinds of city names that are not tied to official zip codes. Especially these days when folks want to be tied to desirable residential areas. It’s a simple matter of going online and verifying the address. Verification tools are also available for e-commerce software packages.

    If you think USPS is bad, try using FedEx Ground. Those independent contractors tasked with delivering your packages do not Give A F*ck. Literally. After several experiences where I waited for days for my stuff, with daily updates stating “Address Not Found” (usually around 5pm when traffic is really bad outside), then having to drive to some nondescript warehouse to get my stuff, I now refuse to buy from any vendor whose only reasonable shipping option is FedEx Ground. I will pay more elsewhere to get my gear via USPS or UPS.

  10. Jon, OPT says:

    I started this as a reply to previous post, then got slightly carried away, so I’ll write this separate.

    When using USPS there is a lot that foreign customers don’t take into account with expense.

    1. You live 10,000 miles or a flight away, it’s not free, or cheap.

    2. A stocking dealer paid to have an item shipped to them before you ordered it, that wasn’t free, we also don’t get super discounted shipping, that’s a myth, even when dealing with freight.

    3. Lower rate postal service = no tracking method, more frequent lost or delayed packages, this I know from experience.

    4. It costs money to drop off stuff at the post office, it’s sending an employee there who waits in line and does each package with a USPS CS rep, after waiting in line with everyone else. Try doing that the week before Christmas with 20 individual packages each with a customs form.

    I standardized my int’l based on historic values over a four month period for every order shipped overseas, leaning more toward benefit of customers. On numerous occassions I have paid people to take gear from my store, literally lost dollars on sending them their gear, on other occassions I have made a few dollars off an order. In the end, it usually evens out for cost off shipping to and from the shop over a year. My end of year numbers have never shown me making a ton of money off shipping.

    Fedex, DHL, and UPS int’l are a pain in the ass, the customs forms themselves take forever to fill out, last time I did it, and they charge a FUCKBARREL of money for it.

    Also, lastly, if you ever think a business is making a mint off of an Int’l express package, just look at the package, last I checked, the price they were charged to ship it is right there on the box. Our previous policy was add $10 and round off for processing fees.

    Just some points that I have dealing with over 30,000 int’l orders (ballpark figure) and having processed more than 100K orders overall.

    I understand what Matbok is doing, but it does exclude certain customers who only want USPS delivery. Having gone through the claims process though, I can understand their shift. Plus, I sell their gear and ship via USPS, as well as other dealers, so there is an existing option for customers.

    Jon, OPT

  11. James says:

    MATBOCK is run by some truly exceptional people. No matter how small the purchase, the attention to customer service is unrivaled. Not to mention their consideration for our armed forces, this is a company I will continue to do business with.