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MATBOCK Monday – Cobra Sled

Monday, March 9th, 2020

Happy MATBOCK Monday!  For the month of March we will be focusing on some of our favorite and most innovative medical products. We will start the month off with our Cobra Sled.

The Cobra Sled is Easy to assemble as well as being the lightest and smallest hoistable evacuation stretcher on the market.

Decontamination Ready – Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Material, Kevlar Stitching, Kevlar Webbing. All straps included and configured for both vertical and horizontal lift.

Hoist strapping is 5,500 lbs Tensile strength Kevlar webbing with Kevlar stitching and an integrated chest harness directly attached to both horizontal and vertical hoist straps. There are 4 front drag straps that can create 2 x 10 ft loops for operators to sling and drag forward in a “hands-free” configuration, as well as stabilizing straps in the back for uneven terrain.

The system can also be rigged for 4 operators to carry the patient hands-free with the straps slung across their shoulders.

When it is folded up, the stretcher is only 12in x 8in x 8in.

Total Weight – 8.5 lbs

Carrying Capacity – 600 lbs

Here is a brief overview of the Cobra Sled.

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Jim Foreman Joins MATBOCK as Sales Team Lead

Monday, July 16th, 2018

MATBOCK is proud to announce the addition of Jim Foreman as the Sales Team Lead.  Jim retired in 2018 after serving 27 years in the SEAL Teams. During that time he rose through the ranks in various leadership roles to include Squadron Master Chief and Operations Master Chief for a 2k member command. His last 15 months were spent at NAB Little Creek as the Training Master Chief overseeing leadership and training for east coast based SEAL Teams. As the Training MCPO Jim wrote the SEAL SOP handbook, a 100-page manual outlining basic SEAL tactics as well as explaining the roles and responsibilities of both junior and senior leaders. This handbook is now being issued on both coasts. Jim has completed 18 deployments and has been awarded several awards to include the Silver Star, 8 Bronze Stars, Purple Heart and 5 Presidential Unit Citations.

MATBOCK President Zach Steinbock said, “We couldn’t be prouder to have Jim Foreman join our growing team and help bring our gear to the guys still on the battlefield.  Jim’s wealth of tactical and leadership experience is absolutely invaluable and we are excited he has chosen a second professional career with us.”

Jim can be reached by email at

SOF Select 18 – MATBOCK Introduces New Material for J-LIFT and R-LIFT Litters

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Last week, I stopped by MATBOCK’s shop in Virginia Beach to check out their new Ghost Heavy material. It boasts 750 lbs sq in tensile strength and over 400 lbs tear strength.


Previously, the J-LIFT was made from Trelleborg material, weighing 36 oz.
Now, it’s made from MATBOCK’s new Ghost Heavy material and weighs just 12.4 oz. You can also see how small the litter folds up, fitting in this pouch.


So far, they haven’t been able to get the material to absorb anything, meaning it can be deconned over and over. It also features all Kevlar stitching.

The panels are big enough for wrist carry and it accepts poles.

The material is also now on the R-LIFT l, bringing the weight down to 5.5 lbs with the backpack.

This is an inline change for both systems; same part number, same price.

MATBOCK Monday || Grave Robber

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Over the past few weeks, we have seen multiple new pouches from MATBOCK under the Grave Robber name to include the Vent Pouch, IV Pouch, Drug Roll, and Multi-Function Pouch.  The only piece missing was the below Grave Robber Bag.

The new pack from MATBOCK was designed in collaboration with expeditionary military physicians to meet operational requirements.  The pack holds all the pouches on the internal velcro backing and make it easy to access all compartments when hung from an airframe or wall for advanced operational medical treatment before the hospital.

The Grave Robber bag itself can be mounted to multiple frame systems to easy transport, has completed successful trials in the wind tunnel and freefall jump operations, and can also be mounted in MATBOCK’s medium size MR DRY system for water drops, OTB or underwater operations.

The bag folds open like a suitcase to display the entire contents and also features two hanging straps at the top for attachment to the airframe or wall.  The head pouch is designed to be carried independently if needed and hold the operator’s gear separate from the medical gear in the pack.

The kit comes with the Grave Robber Bag, 4 x Multi-Functional pouches, 1 x Drug Roll, 1 x Vent Pouch, 2 x IV Pouches and can be purchased with or without a Mystery Ranch NICE Frame.

More information can be found at  The first chance to see the entire system will be at SOMSA in Charlotte this May and SOFIC the week after.

Matbock Monday – Grave Robber Vent Pouch

Monday, April 16th, 2018

This is the new Grave Robber Vent Pouch from MATBOCK. It is designed to hold and provide a work space for the SAVe and SAVe 2 ventilator.


The pouch holds the ventilator on the front flap of the pouch which folds down via Velcro and cord. This configuration allows access to all ports and buttons. The tubing and accessories can be stored in the back of the pouch and it also provides enough room for a spare battery pack or other medical kit.


The pouch is made of MATBOCK’s ghost lite material and Tegris as a stiffener. The back of the pouch is lined with hook Velcro for attachment into a medical pack.


MATBOCK Monday || Grave Robber Drug Roll

Monday, April 2nd, 2018


This is the new Drug Roll from MATBOCK.  Made from their Ghost and Ghost Lite materials, it features 5 small pouches on the sides and 1 large main pouch in the middle.  The large main pouch has their new organizational system integrated into it for all  different sizes of medications.  Simply push the head of the bottle into the holes and rotate till the drug label can be seen clearly for quick identification during both emergency situations and inventory.  When the pouch is closed up, the outside has a few rows of elastic loops for syringes, needles, scissors, sharps containers and other medical necessities.  The back is lined with hook Velcro to attach to the inside of medical packs

For further information, visit

MATBOCK Monday || IV Pouch

Monday, March 26th, 2018

This is the new IV Pouch from MATBOCK.

Designed to hold an IV bag, tubing and other accessories needed for field IV use, the pouch keeps everything neatly organized and can be hung by the strap for instant use wherever the patient might be.  There is a small pouch in the middle to hold gauze, alcohol wipes and tapes for securing the IV once placed in the patient.

Additionally, the back of the pouch is lined with hook Velcro for easy mounting into an advanced trauma/field surgical kits.

MATBOCK Monday || Jump Assault Pack

Monday, March 19th, 2018


A variant of the 1 day assault pack, the jump assault pack is specifically reinforced and designed for jump operations. All strapping is either continuous or connected in the backing of the pack to include the two connection loops meant for attachment to the parachute itself via release lines. Additionally, the system had a 1 pull release system for a primary weapon system. The weapon is mounted and jumped in the horizontal position and then can be released with one pull to give the jumper instant access to the primary weapon if necessary. The belly band of the parachute mounts across the top third of the pack, just above the primary weapon to keep it secure during the jump. The entire front flap of the containment system is released by this mechanism. For easy stowage, the flap can be snapped back into place instead of reweaving the pull handle. The pack also allows integration with the S&S Precision jump board across the back via webbing and Velcro.


MSRP for the pack is $600 and it is available immediately.