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MATBOCK Monday – Cobra Sled

Happy MATBOCK Monday!  For the month of March we will be focusing on some of our favorite and most innovative medical products. We will start the month off with our Cobra Sled.

The Cobra Sled is Easy to assemble as well as being the lightest and smallest hoistable evacuation stretcher on the market.

Decontamination Ready – Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Material, Kevlar Stitching, Kevlar Webbing. All straps included and configured for both vertical and horizontal lift.

Hoist strapping is 5,500 lbs Tensile strength Kevlar webbing with Kevlar stitching and an integrated chest harness directly attached to both horizontal and vertical hoist straps. There are 4 front drag straps that can create 2 x 10 ft loops for operators to sling and drag forward in a “hands-free” configuration, as well as stabilizing straps in the back for uneven terrain.

The system can also be rigged for 4 operators to carry the patient hands-free with the straps slung across their shoulders.

When it is folded up, the stretcher is only 12in x 8in x 8in.

Total Weight – 8.5 lbs

Carrying Capacity – 600 lbs

Here is a brief overview of the Cobra Sled.

Order Yours Today: www.matbock.com/products/cobra-sled


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  1. George hayduke says:

    I wonder if first-spear is going to make one of these :/