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Atlas 46 – Journeyman Apron XL


The Journeyman Apron XL is a true taskmaster apron. Built for any job, big or small; the Journeyman will stand the vigorous punishment the man in the field demands.

Features and Benefits

• Rugged 1000D Cordura construction
• Padded shoulder harness for comfort
• Adjustable back and waist straps for proper wear
• Zippered pocket for cell phone or note pad
• Multiple pocket sizes accommodate a variety of tools
• Hammer loop with AIM webbing on each hip for preferential carry
• Lengthened drape for added mess protection at the thighs
• AIM System webbing on the front for the addition of pouches and platforms
• Pockets on inside of apron for gloves, rags, etc.
• Hand crafted in the USA


• 10.5″ width (top)
• 23.5″ width (bottom)
• 32.5″ height


• 1.6 lbs.


• Black
• Coyote
• MultiCam

In addition to the Journeyman Apron XL, Atlas 46 also offers the Journeyman Apron and the Small Finisher’s Apron. All three options are great for use by any Armorer but the XL’s extended bib was added at the request of an armorer to protect against the many chemicals he encounters.


14 Responses to “Atlas 46 – Journeyman Apron XL”

  1. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    That is ridiculous, and awesome! Take my money!

    • jwc says:

      It was an armorer that asked Atlas to build our standard apron but with the long skirt to protect clothing from the chemicals that are used.

  2. Kaos-1 says:

    Will it hold a sapi plate ? Lmfao

  3. LCSO264 says:

    aprons aren’t my cup of tea, but in checking the rest of the stuff on their website, I must say I’m impressed. at first I kind of laughed, as it appears much of their products are based on “tacticool” gear/designs/ideas. But the more I thought about it, why shouldn’t guys who work with tools, doing hard/challenging work, day in and day out have well made rugged gear, that they can customize to theil liking, that is comfortable and purpose built.

    • Chris says:

      I am definitely impressed with the apron as well as there products. Back when I was building houses (several years ago) the only products available were leather or nylon, but the nylon stuff didn’t hold up very well. There was a few companies making “accessory” pouches but most of the stuff wasn’t though out. This stuff look awesome and I wish I had them back in the day.

      Now the apron looks awesome, I’ve never been a fan of them since they always seems to be based off a kitchen apron. But they make sense at least to keep you clean when running a table saw. This is probably the first one that seems to be very useful. I may have to procure one when I get the new shop set up!

  4. Just fantastic John Carver back in action making some of the best American Made sew products!

  5. VinnieP says:

    I’ve been using that apron in my shop building 1911’s for a month or so. It’s been the best apron I’ve used in my shop to date. The pocket array allows me to travel from bench to bench carrying files or needed tools to perform different tasks. The adjust ability and comfort of the padded straps makes carrying tools of any weight no issue. The length is perfect for repelling lapping compound, gun oil, and fine dust caused from sanding belts or a rotary tool.

    I know the original design was more carpenter related, but this fits the bill as one of the best gun smith aprons out there.

    If you follow SSD and Atlas 46, you might remember the roll up tool kit featured a short while back. That is now used as my field armors/gun smith kit. The apron and roll up tool bag make a perfect duo for any armor or gun smith and if you haven’t tried either one you’re truly missing out.

  6. Greg says:

    They just need one made of FR Cow Leather and Nomex and it would be perfect. There tends to be sparks in my shop. Seriously though, it looks really well thought out. Good job Atlas 46.

  7. Scot says:

    I have gotten to see alot of John’s prototypes. Great stuff, but what do you expect he is John Carver.

  8. Matsucorp says:

    I like it but in my shop those pockets below the waist that billow out would fill up with metal and plastic shavings very quickly.

    I’m always on the lookout for a good shop apron and usually the best ones are the ones I’ve made myself.

    One feature I like to have is a cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap, close to my ear so I can hear it go off above the noise of the machinery.

    Still I’m glad to see some thoughtfully made shop wear. With all the tactical soft gear makers out there I like to see what happens when “people like us” design and execute products like this.

    • jwc says:

      No problem removing the pockets or coming up with a way to close them. I’m very hard of hearing so the cell phone close to the ear is important. I use the zippered pocket for my phone and for me it works. We are now making several different style cell pouches that are on our site as of today.
      We will be glad to make up a sample for your testing.


    • jwc says:

      I had our suspender cell phone pouch on the top right strap of my apron all day and it worked great. I used the new one with the flap cover. See photo on
      We are working on some good ideas to have a cover for the pockets when needing the protection from metal shavings and sawdust.

      Thanks for the challenges,

      • Matsucorp says:

        You sir are on the ball!
        Truth be told I’d have no need for the front lower pockets, I’d just as soon leave them off, only need the chest pockets.