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5.11 Tactical – The Tactical Duty Kilt Is Back!

MultiCam Kilt

Weeks past the standard April Fool’s Day announcement, 5.11 Tactical has once again brought back the Tactical Duty Kilt to their online store.

Available in the largest color variety yet: Battle Brown, Black, MultiCam, Storm Grey, TDU Green, and TDU Khaki. Sizes 28 – 54. This is sure to be a limited affair, so get yours while you can!


Major thanks to ‘DwarfVader’ for the tip!


7 Responses to “5.11 Tactical – The Tactical Duty Kilt Is Back!”

  1. JP says:

    Limited: just like it is every year.

    Hurry up an get yours while you can! Until we make them again next time, just like clockwork.

  2. Geoff says:

    I’m holding out for the STRYKE kilt. the four way stretch fabric would make it soooo much more comfortable.

  3. defensor fortismo says:

    How about a tactical sporran, made from the pelt of a honey badger?

  4. bulldog76 says:

    because scots need tactical gear too

  5. Riceball says:

    Are they going to be offering it in OCP since the Army won’t be allowing Soldiers to mix and match OCP with Multicam. Can’t have our troops out of uniform when wearing their tacitkilts in formation now, can we?

  6. Grayson says:

    My friends, remember these word, because you will see them again:

    Tactical kilts exist for one simple reason: Cojones that clank when you walk simply don’t fit comfortably in 5.11 Tactical pants. 😀