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Impact Weapon Components Selling Elzetta Mini-CQB Modular Weapon Light

A211A2 on M-LOK

Impact Weapon Components is now selling the Elzetta Mini-CQB Modular Weapon Light. The Mini-CQB was developed by Elzetta in collaboration with IWC, and features a 375 lumen output in a compact package powered by a single CR123 battery, as well as a unique mounting platform that’s compatible with both KeyMod and M-LOK.


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3 Responses to “Impact Weapon Components Selling Elzetta Mini-CQB Modular Weapon Light”

  1. Joe says:

    Says 315 not 375 lumens. $240 with mount and cheapest tail-cap. I’ll stick with twice the Lumens for half the price.

    • The initial announcement made in January did state the Mini-CQB was originally rated as having a 315 lumen output. However, when the finalized commercial light was announced, Elzetta mentioned that it was actually rated at 375 lumens.

      • Joe Flowers says:

        Ah, yeah, IWC has the old info up on their website then.
        375 is definitely much better–for a rifle (really for anything) I think more lumens is better, despite some people preferring less.