SIG MMG 338 Program Series

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Partner Series – Spartan Blades

Once again, the Friday Focus series serves to introduce one of FirstSpear’s OEM partners. This time, it’s North Carolina-based Spartan Blades.


Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey, Co-Founders of Spartan Blades, LLC, possess over 40 years of combined military service and experience. Mark and Curtis have combined their shared love of knife making, military experience and knowledge of the tactical equipment market to form Spartan Blades, LLC with a singular mission:


“Manufacture finely crafted tactical and field knives”


Why did you choose Made in America?
All Spartan’s knives are made by us in North Carolina with only US origin materials. As retired Special Forces NCOs, we have spent a lifetime working to advance the interests of our country. Spartan Blades does the same by only manufacturing in the U.S.A. and partnering with companies that do the same like FirstSpear.


Why did you choose FirstSpear?
Actually, FS was the only company that could source the inner sheath material we required. Another manufacturer stopped making sheaths for us but neglected to tell us! They kept us hanging for several months telling us they were going to send us sheaths all while knowing that they were not going to sew for small OEM companies anymore. This of course left us in a bind until first Spear stepped in and saved the day for us. They are a great company!

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4 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Partner Series – Spartan Blades”

  1. darkhorse says:

    rad sheath!

    • BlueFence says:

      looks like you could do ANYTHING with it. Vertical, horizontal, inverted, add a pouch to the front…

  2. Stefan S. says:

    I know Curtis and Mark (old 1SFG days). Great guys who make great knives. I have a few and they are tops!

  3. Dee Carey says:

    My magical liner material is the plastic felt laminated liner. It protects the knife from rattle while providing protection to the wearer from puncture or cut through.