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VSS Services – Triangle Bandage


The old-school Cravat Bandage is back, and available from VSS Services. The complete package comes with an OD Green Muslin bandage and two black safety pins, and is Made in the USA.

A cravat is a must-have item in your individual kit. It can be applied in a variety of ways for first-aid as well as for other uses. For example, Sling/Swath, Bandage, Splint Wrap or Padding, Tourniquet, Ankle or Joint Wrap, Environmental Mask, Wind and Dust Bandanna, and more.


7 Responses to “VSS Services – Triangle Bandage”

    • mike says:

      The reviews , though.

    • Justin M. says:

      Reviews of the above linked product say they are “good for one use” “cheap” and not “dynarex brand”

      The VSS bandage is multiple use, much sturdier, and comes with the fittings to finish it out. Oh and its American made. If the VSS option could be free shipping or have a package deal – ie 3 for $11 it would be a killer way to buff out med packs.

      Note: Not affiliated with dynarex or VSS

    • SSD says:

      That’s kind of the point of these, that they’re, you know, OD.

  1. Agentofwrath says:

    They haven’t gone anywhere. Just check out a local army navy store. If you still have one in your AO. There’s one just outside the gate of Fort Stewart that has od ones and maybe even tan ones IIRC…..

  2. SGT Rock says:

    Awesome! The good ol’ “Drive On” rag.

  3. Joe says:

    Best bandana ever