SOFIC 2015 – Revision’s Kinetic Operations Suit

Based on development of USSOCOM’s TALOS program, the Kinetic Operations Suit from Revision Military incorporates a variety of technologies.


Most obvious is the distinctive Armageddon camouflage pattern.  The operator wears the Prowler exoskeleton powered by Revision Sharepack.  The exoskeleton bears the weight of the system as well as ancillary mission equipment. And can be up armored with XSAPI level plates as well as frag protection on the lower leg.  Up top is the Vertical Load Offset System which equates to zero helmet weight born by the operator’s neck.  The ballistic helmet is 100% polyethylene with cutout for use with augmented vision systems. The ensemble also includes a scalable armor vest that goes from 18% vital area chest coverage all the way up to 60%.


20 Responses to “SOFIC 2015 – Revision’s Kinetic Operations Suit”

  1. Amuro Ray says:

    So the helmet is just a mock up because it just looks like they took one of their mandibles and visors, spray painted them, and cut a hole for the GPNVGs. Probably can’t see shit out of that. I also foresee a lot of neck issues

    • SSD says:

      Like the story says, the Vertical Load Offset System equates to no helmet weight being borne by the neck.

  2. Brando says:

    Yeah but unscrew that disc on the heal and the whole thing comes to a crashing end.

  3. Paul J says:

    I hope for the guy that wear that suit that it has auxiliary oxygen supply and a sweat/heat control system.

    • tu says:

      because the soldier would be wearing the load bearing system, there would be less strain and exertion on the body. so no need for a O2 system. As well in their video, they feature a “liquid coolant” system that runs through the shirt. So pretty much a squared away system

      • T.H says:

        I wasnt pleased when I saw liquid cooling systems coming to computers, and Im sure not excited about wearing one. too many things can go wrong and they are not field serviceable.

      • majrod says:

        “because the soldier would be wearing the load bearing system, there would be less strain and exertion on the body.”

        Have you ever worn a load bearing system? Unless the load bearing system is attached to an exoskeleton that is in contact with the ground the soldier bears the weight. (Note the boots in contact with the ground.) Additional weight = exertion.

        Liquid cooling system? Besides pumps, pipes/tubing, a refrigeration unit (to cool the liquid), batteries and “fluid” being about eight pounds a gallon seems you are missing another problem, weight. (Which causes exertion to the soldier)

        There’s also the issue of fogging up lenses/screens inside the helmet with one’s breath. I guess a high speed fan could be installed but then there’s the fan, the batteries…

        • Paul J says:

          That’s exactly what I thought.
          In fact, you don’t need to do any sport to get in sweat and that’s a huge problem in this type of suit. The full load suit with ballistic protection on the face is more suited for a LE application than a military one in my opinion.

          This is the prelude of a revolution in the art of fighting. That’s the best equipment available today, but I’m convinced that in 10-15 years, most soldiers (of western countries) will have the essence of this system, that is :

          -light weight, low profile ballistic clothing
          -compact Thermal/NV optic
          -Active hearing protection integrated in the communication system
          -Some kind of augmented reality system (glasses integrated sighting system, GPS…)

          And that’s not a little upgrade.

  4. elliot says:

    Looks cool, but how am I supposed to see where I’m pissing?

  5. JPfromFinland says:

    The military does run a lot of other high maintenance stuff that gives you that small window of extreme performance. Think fighter jets, drones, AT-ATs you name it 🙂 This is just bringing that concept to a shooter level. There are jobs where getting on target fast with a bunch of gear in tow, doing a five minute conga, and getting out carrying some dead weight is the norm. Somewhere down the road this contraption might cut down on the mission profile timeline. Great for humping a pack seven days a week in the boonies -not so much. Apples and oranges.

  6. bob says:

    Water cooled shirts have been in use for many years now, they’re a proven technology for firefirghters and NASCAR. The TALOS suit does contact the ground to bear the weight, that’s a core concept feature. The real issue is battery life. Even on lipolys, you’d need a good order of magnitude more battery life to be patrol ready for a pack of that volume. The batteries pictured would last hours at best.

  7. Shooter says:

    Are those flash bangs by the guys neck!!!???? No thanks!

    • Lcon says:

      no they are not. Not sure what they are but they are not Weapons. perhaps part of the cooling system or Radio

      • Terry B. says:

        Not so fast.

        There is a new picture posted at Kit Up…and yes, those two items do appear to be flash bangs / grenades (mock ups I’m sure).


  8. Darrel says:

    Any clue what radio that is? A mockup?

  9. Jon, OPT says:

    All I can think of is I’M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA… “how did he take a shit with all that on?”

    Jon, OPT

  10. Invictus says:

    Well, seeing as we’re not going to leap right into usable stillsuit tech, this is a neat start to go in that direction.