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SOFIC 2015 – SIG QD Sling Swivel Cup

SIG builds lots of cool guns and suppressors but as I was looking at a CSASS candidate I spied this low profile sling swivel along the top rail.  

Available now, look for part Socket-1913-QD-LP.


7 Responses to “SOFIC 2015 – SIG QD Sling Swivel Cup”

  1. tackleberry says:

    Now if they’d just bring a semi only variant of the CSASS submission to market with NFA and non NFA length pipes.

  2. feitnaa says:

    If you search for that part in the Sig website it can’t be located.. if you look for it in their store, it can’t be located… What’s up with that? Someone needs to fix that..

  3. Jake Nosnaws says:

    Wow, THAT is low profile. And fairly simple. Well done.