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Rampart Range Day – Serket

Serket’s new Extreme Cold Weather Hinge Balaclava has been tested in Alaska by the U.S. Army where it offered protection down to -40 deg F. While it isn’t a membrane fabric it does offer excellent wind resistance (4.5 cfm) on par with membrane fabrics.  

The material has a fleece on the inside for comfort and is water resistance. The real innovation is the stiffenes in the external shroud that not only directs the exhale down and away from goggles but also keeps exhaled air from flowing upward and fogging eye wear. The balaclava is not FR but Serket is investigating appropriate materials pending a requirement from the field.  



One Response to “Rampart Range Day – Serket”

  1. m5 says:

    Goggle fogging whilst wearing a balaclava in (very) cold conditions is a big problem for which there is no satisfactory solution, at least none that I’m aware of. I sure hope this balaclava will work in practice, very interesting.

    The material obviously isn’t appropriate yet, as extreme cold without the terrain being snow covered tends to be a very rare condition. (Ie, you’d need a snow-white material for camouflage in military usage.)