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Dynamis Alliance – Freedive And Fight

Dynamis Alliance is holding its first ever Freedive and Fight event in Wilmington, North Carolina. The event consists of a Level 1 Freediver course taught by Freediving Level II Instructor Alex Llinas, and a Combative Pistol 1 course taught by Dom Raso. Freedive and Fight is taking place June 16th – 21st.


Level 1 Freediver

June 16: 1700-2100, 17: 0800-1200, 18: 0700-1600

This highly effective course covers everything from safety & problem management, breathing techniques & equipment selection to correct freediving methods for gradual depth progression. It provides new divers with a solid foundation to freedive confidently and safely up to depths of 66 feet/20 meters with breathholds up to 3 minutes. For divers already achieving these depths, it will provide an enhanced understanding of the sport and new techniques to dive more effectively and, most importantly, more safely. This program includes academic presentations, confined water training and one open water session.

Combative Pistol 1

June 19: 1830-2030, 20&21: 0900-1700

This course will teach you the skills required to fight inside “spitting distance,” where most altercations occur. We will teach you simple, yet brutally effective, unarmed combative skills designed to counter common attacks. We will also incorporate the handgun in these situations. To test your skills, we will put you through realistic scenario training using marking cartridges. This is NOT a typical shooting course and will be physically demanding. This is the only way to ensure that your skills will work when your life depends on it.

See more at: www.dynamisalliance.com/gear/freedive-and-fight-wrightsville-beach-nc

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3 Responses to “Dynamis Alliance – Freedive And Fight”

  1. Bill says:

    I thought they meant fighting WHILE freediving. I’d watch that.