Sneak Peek – LBT Jungle Pack

Although it isn’t your run of the mill LE item, we had a chance to check the LBT Jungle Pack out at the ADS Inc federal range day.

 It offers 2500 Cu In of internal storage with an internal frame (CASS) and removable lid (200 cu in) with mesh topped pocket.  They’ve built a couple of different variants of the Jungie Pack that they’ve been supplying to operational forces which vary based on materials used and frame type.  For instance, there are some ALICE frame models running around.  This one, with the CASS frame (developed initially for body armor) weighs in right at 4 lbs.

This model is made from 330D Cordura and has a LiteLok expandable collar.  All of the pack bags feature a flat, full length zipped compartment along the back of the bag but other than that, they are slick on the outside to make it easier to maneuver through thick brush.  


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  1. jose says:

    Interesting concept. I like the slick design, but one of the gripes was having to dig into my ruck to get something. I kept items I need rapidly on the outside pockets, so yes there was a trade off: get caught by vines or rapid access to items while walking or by your buddy grabbing it for you..

    This was especially important for MG Gunners and AGs. Maybe more pictures will clear it up

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Jungle ruck, with no exterior webbing for canteens or dedicated pouches for water containers? I would just call this a 3-day bag, this isn’t something I would take anywhere near a jungle given other existing options.

    I like that there is an ALICE frame version. The design looks solid, and LBT builds top notch gear, but this lacks basics that its name implies.

    Jon, OPT

    • SSD says:

      They built based on what SOCOM asked for

    • jose says:

      Just thought about this, the design would work, if you go with the how the British rely on a belt for most of their kit. Which kinda works great in the jungle environment.

      • Jon, OPT says:

        True, but you drink off your pack before you drink off your LCE, and if you are toting Brit type belt order then you would drop this pack’s belt and be left with a long haversack that interferes with it. I’m sure it has a bladder, but when frequent refills are required, bladders are a pain. I have eyes, I see the ways that it works and doesn’t work, and this doesn’t scream YES to me, in real life holding it and messing with it, articulating wearing it, that could be completely different.

        Jon, OPT

        • jose says:

          Based on my experience, it depends on the operation your going to be conducting. Most of the time, I spent humping a ruck in the jungle was to get to a PB and then we dropped them and moved out with just LCE with buttpack. But things have changed and gear has come a long way from my time in the Jungle.

  3. Paul says:

    There’s molle on the belt to rock a couple canteens or nalgenes if you wanted. I’m sure it holds a 3l bladder as well.

  4. zach says:

    Multicam would stand out like desert cam in the jungle. Why would a dedicated jungle pack not be in MC tropic?

  5. Scot says:

    This and the other “jungle” packs that will be hitting the market, or already have, were designed by SOCOM. Given the list of requirements, they are going to look very similar, as the list pretty much determined features and thus look and capabilities. Whether or not that list of requirements was right is a separate discussion. SSD posted the requirements awhile back. Instead of being asked to address issues and concerns, which would have lead to different designs and solutions, companies were basically told to build their version of this pack. The question here, in my opinion, is how well did LBT, or any of the companies, do in hitting the requirements and how well are they all integrated into the pack, not whether or not it is a good “jungle” pack, because they didn’t build their idea of the perfect “jungle” pack, they built their idea of the best pack to meet the requirments.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      I understand this, if you are replying to me, the needs statement is short of the mark in my opinion, thus the products will take a beating from people who have spent time in the woods, jungle etc. I love the simplicity, but the lack of exterior storage is an issue.

      Jon, OPT

      • Scot says:

        Just in general really, as before I got into the business I didn’t really understand that part of things. To meet all the we want/requirements there was simply no other way to do it. Others dictated the mark to hit, and called it the “jungle” pack. As I said the validity of the mark is a separate discussion, and while I avoid jungle based on my woods experience the requirements were off, so we are in agreement there. My point is at this point, I am not sure it is fair to beat up say, LBT, for not hitting the mark, since they did hit the mark they were given, which was defined as the “jungle” mark. However, if LBT, not picking on them just using them since it is where we are, had built a pos that hit all the requirements, but was poorly built and didn’t work as requested then beating them up would be warranted. In my opinion, the requirements hamstrung the project from the word go. It would have been better to outline the problem they were trying to solve, and what capabilities they wanted and then let designers with experience provide solutions. That would have allowed innovation, and different approaches, which could have been tested for the best solution. Instead, to use an analogy, they said we want a new .45, and then ensured that they would only get a 1911 the way they wrote the requirements, when the 1911 was probably not the best solution to the problem. As long as the 1911 is a quality one that is reliable it is not the manufactures fault for providing the wrong solution, they were asked for a 1911, and provided one.

        • Jon, OPT says:

          Agreed, send a guy to the field for seven days with this pack, and on day four grab him and ask: what would you change now to make it to day seven with less asspain? I guarantee based on experience that he would have a good list of things. With LBT or the First Spear version, the quality would not be the issue, and I have already given praise on that.

          The needs process is getting better, but it is far from fine tuned. I believe in empowering creativity rather than restricting it, which is counter to how that process works.

          Jon, OPT

          • rebeard33 says:

            Possibly why these were not Down-Selected by SOCOM and thus, are on the web.

            • SSD says:

              21 packs entered, 3 left.

              These have been in use operationally with NSW for well over a year.

  6. Jim says:

    I’m kind of curious as to why they went with the horizontal black zip, not that it sticks out from the MC which has no black…

  7. Jimbot75 says:

    Whilst this isnt directed toward the pack, I find it interesting that many refer to the British way of jungle operations whereby a “belt rig” works best. I for one disagree and put it down to 1. Not exploring other lightweight or minimalistic options (BFG Rack or Split Minus for example) or 2. “Doing what we have always done”. Unfortunately, I have heard the second point time and time again, particularly from those who refeuse to transition away from, or at least try, a light weight chest rig. Having worn both belt and chest rig in the jungle, for extended periods, I personally prefer a small chest rig, kitted out with only those items required for fighting – not the only option for jungle fighting obviously.

  8. AttackPAK says:

    I’m more than curious which packs made the down select. Any one know?