LBX Tactical – Low Profile Rifle Bag

This new weapon case from LBX Tactical was displayed at last week’s ADS Federal Range Day.  A fully loaded Low Profile Rifle Bag is designed specifically to fit inside a Pelican 1700 series hard case for storage and transport.


It incorporates three Velcro strips along the interior for weapon and accessory retention as well as three slot pockets to keep your kit organized.  There is also a large single document pouch in the outside along with a full wrap around zipper and carrying handles.


14 Responses to “LBX Tactical – Low Profile Rifle Bag”

  1. jbgleason says:

    Any idea of the LBT Part Number for this? Maybe ADS can chime in?

  2. Pierre says:

    Is this case made here by LBT or overseas by LBX? Can someone clarify if it’s Berry? Thank you!

    • Jon, OPT says:

      +1, it was easier when the name was Top North, or whatever their overseas branch was, so one could distinguish between US and Outsourced.

      Jon, OPT

  3. Erick says:

    I remember when Tac Tailor actually made a low-pro carbine case in non-mil solid colors and w/out velcro.

  4. To Help Explain the difference between the brands-

    The main focus of LBT, and the foundation of the brand = Mil Contract Sales. All LBT products are Berry Compliant and made in Virginia Beach, VA or El Paso, TX depending on the gear selected, and the volume of the contract. All LBT gear is backed by a *Lifetime Warranty*

    The main focus of LBX = LE/FED/Commercial Sales
    LBX gear is also Berry Compliant (VA/TX)
    or Trade Compliant (Peru). Also backed by a *Lifetime Warranty*

    We launched LBX as our LE/FED/Commercial Brand- not as an “Off Shore” Brand. In fact the majority of the gear has all been made in the USA with the exception of the Combat Uniform, which has been solely manufactured in Peru.

    The LBX line that is manufactured in Peru uses all Berry Compliant material, designed and cut by LBT, and then manufactured in Peru to offer a more competitive price point within our targeted market. LBT/LBX are held to the same Quality Standards that our customers have come to know over the last 30 years.

    We are here to help please contact us with any questions.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  5. David says:

    Nothing says low profile like multicam….

  6. James Francis says:

    I wonder where LBX expects a giant freaking Multicam case to be.. uh… Low Profile. Sounds like low profile range commando “low profile” is season -_-

  7. Grump says:

    NONE of these folks have the slightest clue what “low profile” even means. Looks like every other rifle case ever made, without mag pouches on the outside. How about suitcase, backpack, instrument bag, cooler, skateboard bag, or shopping bag inspired options? Almost anything would be better than this.

    • SSD says:

      It’s meant to fit in a hard case…

      • Grump says:

        Ah, OK. So it’s just redundant. Now, I have to do something with a $200 Pelican case while I’m packing around a $200 soft case. Makes perfect sense.