SureFire Commences With Corporate Restructuring Program

Fountain Valley, CA — SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest and most innovative illumination tools and tactical products, announced today that it has started a comprehensive program to streamline its operations, refine its product offerings, and cut overall expenditures, which regrettably includes the reduction of its workforce. The company notes a drop in U.S. Military spending as the primary reason for these painful but necessary steps.

Dr. John Matthews, CEO and founder of SureFire said, “We had to make some difficult decisions to layoff some very good people. SureFire ramped up to meet the demands of our military but we must “right-size” now that military spending has declined.” Matthews continued, “SureFire will continue to provide military, law enforcement, and consumers with industry-leading products with unmatched quality and our lifetime guarantee. Products built to help keep our customers safe and secure.”

The company notes that their product mix is more ambitious and innovative than ever. This includes several groundbreaking suppressors like the SF Ryder 9 and the new whisper-quiet SOCOM300 SPS as well as illumination products like the auto-adjusting P2X Fury® flashlight with IntelliBeam™ Technology (launched last week) and the highly anticipated ultra-compact XC1 that will launch later this summer. All these products and about a dozen more were announced at SHOT Show 2015. Many have started to ship—and the initial consumer response has been strong. There is much more to come this year including a totally revamped line of dual-spectrum V-Series lights and a new low-cost polymer-bodied 2211X WristLight that costs nearly two-thirds less than the original all-aluminum model! Stay tuned.


5 Responses to “SureFire Commences With Corporate Restructuring Program”

  1. Ed says:

    The must of let a lot of people go, We lost or sales rep twice in less then a month. Now they don’t know who’s in charge of what it seems that they may have let too may people go.

    New products are always great but if you can’t get reps to handle the sales…

    They probably let more sales and support staff go then R&D/Manufacturing people.

  2. Jamie says:

    It is true that we have some great new products shipping and coming soon. The IntelliBeam works as promised, and I am impressed. One of my favorites is the Scout weapon lights, and we have every angle covered for carbine mounted illumination. One of the problems we face is customers who chose lower cost over higher quality. These customers compromise performance and personal safety for leas than they spend on junk food in a week. Often they learn the hard way, waste their budget on products that fail, ultimately costing them more. We don’t see a lot of warranty on our weapon lights, and Tier 1 units have been using the same Scout lights for over 7 years without incident. The suppressors are in a league of their own, professional grade.

    • I’m not a Tier 1 operator. I need a light that I can carry in my pocket that isn’t going to cost 1/3rd of a pistol.

      SureFire’s new Titan-A is a step in the right direction, but really should have come with a pocket clip from the factory.

      • Trajan says:

        Now they need to make a rear push button for it, high only or strobe only and it would be the perfect EDC light.