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Spartan Village – Waterproof IR Patches


Spartan Village is now offering custom waterproof IR patch identifiers. While Spartan Village does currently offer Cordura IR patches that are water resistant, these new patches are even more durable in extremely wet conditions, having been torture tested in both fresh and saltwater, with test units submerged for over 24 hours without fail. These patches will be of particular benefit to anyone who conducts maritime and extreme wet weather operations.

Patches will be available in standard Multicam with more Multicam pattern color ways to come. Contact Spartan Village directly at [email protected] for custom inquiries.


2 Responses to “Spartan Village – Waterproof IR Patches”

  1. Haji says:

    That is a really, really cool image.

  2. Mike says:

    Can’t say enough good things about Spartan Village. Give them a call if you need IR, Glow, or IR/Glow combo patches.