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VSS Services – Tactical Backpack/Biathlon Rifle Sling

Custom made for VSS Services by Mayflower Consulting and Velocity Systems, the Tactical Backpack/Biathlon Rifle Sling is a European sling design used to more easily carry rifles during mountain operations. The sling functions well with heavier DMR-type rifles, allowing for a free hand for climbing or dragging a deer. It also features QD buckles for quickly transitioning from a carrying to a ready position.


Available in Multicam, Kryptek Yeti (winter), and Kryptek Highlander (Brown).


5 Responses to “VSS Services – Tactical Backpack/Biathlon Rifle Sling”

  1. sww says:

    Just curious : does it work well with armor ?

  2. PLiner says:

    If only someone would design one to work like a real precision rifle sling where you can cuff up and also have the ability to carry it this way. Otherwise this, like a biathlon sling, is only good for carrying a rifle on your back .

    • Chuck says:

      Check out the TAB biathlon sling. Works very well and has a few different options.

  3. AbnMedOps says:

    I like this idea very very much!