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Warrior East Sneak Peek – Outdoor Research Releases New Jungle Uniforms: Muzzle Brake & Breech

Make sure you stop by OR’s booth in order to check out the new Muzzle Brake and Breech jungle uniforms available For order, starting today.

Both use OR’s Hybrid Mapped design technology and incorporate Insect Shield protection. The pocket are low profile in order to be used in conjunction with armor and packs. However, the Muzzle Brake is made from WL Gore’s new “jungle” fabric that we told you about during SOFIC, with knit stretch panels at the wrists, underarm, crotch and back yoke while the Breech is made from a stretchy spandex/nylon blend fabric reinforced with Superfabric at the elbows, knees and seat. Additionally, the Muzzle Brake is a more traditional blouse and trouser design whereas the Breech consists of a long sleeved shirt and trouser.  Both are currently available in MultiCam but I have also seen a MARPAT Woodland variant of the Muzzle Brake.  

Muzzle Brake





22 Responses to “Warrior East Sneak Peek – Outdoor Research Releases New Jungle Uniforms: Muzzle Brake & Breech”

  1. xpoqx says:

    Aye just a heads up, the first picture of the article is cropped/sized funny. It takes up my entire screen and displays under the sponser advertisements on the right when I look at it on the main page. I am viewing this off an iPhone 5S with the current iOS though, so it might just be on my end.

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    I have the same problem on my laptop.

  3. Dev says:

    Same issue on a PC.

    On topic though, it’s good to see a return to staples such as fly front / buttons, slightly angled pockets and non-excessive gusseting on the pockets so you don’t overload them which would lead to snagging. Interesting though that there only currently exists MultiCam and MARPAT Woodland versions, one would think in a jungle environment MultiCam Tropic would be better suited, maybe M81 Woodland as well? Is the fabric FR too?

    Actually, who am I kidding. Every pocket that can be overstuffed will be overstuffed anyways.

    • mike says:

      Make items in patterns you know you will sell and get commitments for the rest.

      I’ve been hearing there would be a flood of people looking for woodland and MC Tropic since the drama in Ukraine started, but I haven’t seen more than the odd guy here and there looking at the individual purchase level.

      • Reseremb says:

        MC Tropic and Woodland since the drama in Ukraine? Why? Ukrainians are using various camo patterns, including some very effective for their terrain and climate conditions (Jaba Polyova, Jaba Stepova, Varan,…) plus a lot of ATACS-AU/FG and thousands of MTP uniforms bought from UK.

        Surprisingly enough, Spanish “Digital Forest” worked pretty well in Central African Republic, too bad they didn’t had matching plate carriers, pouches and helmet covers.

        • mike says:

          Why? Your guess is as good as mine, but my guess would be the large number of tan-dominant options my customer base is using and not all of them have green-dominant options to fall back on and those that do have restrictions when going there. Probably doesn’t look good if we say we don’t have a dog in the fight but then there are a bunch of guys running around in AOR2…

          • Reseremb says:

            Don’t know about your guess, but I’ve been to Ukraine and I keep contact with a lot of guys fighting there, including companies providing uniforms to Ukr. Armed Forces.

            • mike says:

              Cool story bro 🙂

              • Reseremb says:

                It is to you, but just check the uniforms used there… Woodland and MC Tropic? Try again

                Guys running around in AOR2 there? nope, maybe a few of the “SOCOM” pattern made by an Ukrainian company.

      • Jake Nosnaws says:

        There is a lot more russian camo than US camo there 😉

  4. CRH says:

    I find it odd that suddenly OR wants to get into the mil clothing race. They make awesome outdoor kit, and their gloves are second to none but they also used to hide the fact they made hand wear for the military. And while this clothing looks interesting, looking at the cut and features I wonder how much if any end user input they got when they designed these pieces, to the trained eye it looks like an outdoor designer with no mil experience was trying to hard.

    • T says:

      They sell a lot of their products in the military section of their site, but most of it is in coyote/grey, not a camo pattern. I have to agree though, who put the shoulder Velcro that high up? OR jackets never worked for me though, always to short. As mentioned, their gloves are excellent, as well as their gaiters, which come in Multicam.

      • mike says:

        If I had to guess I would say that the velcro on the arms is that high up because of the mannequin it’s on, not be design.

    • Jake Nosnaws says:

      They’ve been doing mil stuff forever. They never “hid it”, they simply didn’t retail it thus was not advertised outside of governement (contract) circles.

      And I really don’t see why you think it’s not “military appropriate”; they went with lower profile pouches which, while in contradiction with the pouch-laden you see in many, is provides good advantages such as being less of snag hazards (an issue in dense forests like jungles) and less material to dry (an issue in wet environnements like jungles).

      • CRH says:

        Jake first off I’m a designer in this industry, and I am a big fan of Outdoor Research, they make great products a lot of which I own. And if you have ever been to an Outdoor Retailer show you would know what I was referring to when I said Hide, because they used to make the Mil sales guys who I know personally hide in a enclosed closet in the back of the booth with all the mil product. Mil specific clothing to my knowledge is a first at bat for them. I like low profile pockets to and for the record I have spent a fair amount of time in the jungle, however they position the arm pockets wrong on the sleeves the velcro is to high and no its not the mannequin, the fold over flap on the collar is going to be annoying and get caught and snag things constantly like weapons slings and com cables and the coyote light weight jersey material they used in the seat of pants is going to blow out like a fat kid in dodge ball.

  5. Rich275 says:

    I like OR a lot and use several pieces of their gear and welcome their additions to the tactical uniform world. Outdoor companies like this can bring a lot of experience in making performance clothing, as long as they have someone on board with some real world experience who can keep their designs in line.

    • mike says:

      OR has been cooling their toes/feet in this market for years; I’m hoping they like the water temp and they’re jumping in now!

  6. Kris says:

    I love OR and use their gloves exclusively. However am I the only one worried about melting with a nylon/spandex uniform?