GORUCK Introduces Clothing

GORUCK has taken the leap into clothing, introducing three garments: Rucking Shirt, Challenge Pant and Simple Pant. Like all GORUCK products, designs revolve around the events. Additionally, a point of pride is that the gear is Made in USA. If the pre-sale goes well, they are prepared to go all-in, with everything from base layers to shell gaments.  


Rucking Shirt

The Rucking Shirt is available in Dark Grey, sizes Small – XXlarge. Fit is similar to an American Apparel T-shirt.

Challenge Pant

The Challenge Pant is available in Dark Grey, Coyote and Olive, waist sizes 32-38.

Simple Pant

The Simple Pant is available in Dark Grey and Coyote waist sizes 30-38.

The new clothing is currently available on pre-order, although GORUCK hasn’t said when the pre-order period will end. Delivery is expected in December, 2015.


14 Responses to “GORUCK Introduces Clothing”

  1. JS says:

    I’m digging it!!

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    US made, good move GoRuck.

    Jon, OPT

  3. Luke says:

    few things stand out to me:
    if you are going to brag on your fabric, tell us what it is.
    prices look pretty competitive.
    I know everyone has to say their stuff is sliced bread, but it bugs me when they ignore everyone that has gone before and talks like they are the only show in town. yes there isn’t that much USA made apparel anymore, but it is out there. This stuff may be high quality, well designed and executed, but it isn’t as unique as they seem to think it is.

  4. Richard says:

    As an avid GORUCK weirdo, I have never heard someone pine: “I wish GORUCK made clothes.”

    I have heard them remark, “I wish there were more events,” or “I wish they still made multicam/marpat/woodland BDU/sand/ranger/navy colored rucks,” or “I wish they offered more capstone training courses (Beached/Fire Arms/Navigator/Ascent).”

    I hope this works out for them. Personally, I haven’t pre-ordered. And, with a delivery date of December, I wouldn’t use any of these clothes at winter GORUCK events so you’re ordering pants for next summer. No.

  5. Jack says:

    You guys don’t wear pants in the winter time? Events in the winter also have water and the point is to wear pants that dry quickly. But you probably wear ranger panties instead:)

    Also when you are not in an event you still need pants for an active lifestyle if you hike, climb , or pretty much whatever activity you would do.

  6. Austin says:

    So let’s see GR publish some real stats. What test did they run for abrasion resistance (if any)? What DWR treatment are they using, to what level, and how many washings will it stand up to? Fabric source? Those videos were great for those who are already convinced that GR is the only cool guy brand ever, but it’s going to take more than slick marketing to convince me they are better than a pair of Black Diamond or TAD pants.

    • jack says:


      Im Jack from GORUCK.

      The pants were put through 2 years of GORUCK events. GORUCK is trying to set a standard of quality(for built in the USA) apparel that is not just fabric but fit and construction. Ive seen all the other stuff made in the states and let me tell you I feel good about where our stuff is at in terms of overall quality in comparison. You all get to decide if you agree or not.

      And you are right a video and fabric content(which are ample on the product pages) are not going to do that. Folks are going to have to get their hands on them and use them. If they like them they will talk about it and more folks will check them out. I believe that is how this will go down brother.

      DWR finish? I can’t find any site that publishes whether they use c6 or C8 or how many washes. You must work in the industry:)

      Thanks for taking the time to chat.

      • Luke says:

        can you point me toward the fabric content info? I didn’t see it for any of the products.

        • Jack says:

          Luke on the individual product pages. There are even drawings of all the products with content called out. Thanks for asking.

      • SSD says:

        Thanks for commenting Jack.

      • Jack,
        I was just wondering if there was going to be a consideration for kneepad inserts for the pants. Other than that, I think they look pretty cool. I’m looking forward to comparing them to my Triple Aught Design Force AC pants.


      • Austin says:


        Thanks for taking the time to respond. I don’t doubt that GR will have quality construction, and will be backed up by great customer service. I don’t expect the normal consumer to want to delve into the chemical composition of their factory treated DWR, but when other companies have made it a simple standard to publish their sources – Schoeller fabric treatments for example – it makes it easier for the materials nerds like me to do a little deeper digging. As for the fabric blend, I wasn’t up when I originally posted. Just spotted the 94/6 numbers this morning. Thanks for pointing me towards that update.