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Prometheus Design Werx – Odyssey Cargo Shorts

Releasing today, the Odyssey Cargo Shorts from Prometheus Design Werx are made from pre-shrunk Ripstop 100% Cotton. The fabric is not only extremely comfortable, but also generously cut. The shorts give you plenty of room to move.


As you can see, the Odyssey incorporates two top opening slash pockets at the front with reinforcements for knife or light clips, two besom pockets, two button flapped cargo pockets and two rear button flapped pockets. All of the pocket openings are ergonomic and very easy to access. There’s also a hidden interior pocket at the rear, along the waistline.

Lots of cool details including color matched pile patches for cat eye placement on each cargo pocket. Add in slotted buttons and custom triangular tiedown points and you’ve got a great pair of shorts. Even the hang tags are reusable as coasters and the 100% jute cordage and can be used as tinder.


Offered in Dark Leaf Green and Dark Arid Earth in waist sizes 28-44 with room for IWB.



17 Responses to “Prometheus Design Werx – Odyssey Cargo Shorts”

  1. Ken says:

    How much? Their website seems to be down at the moment.

  2. Riceball says:

    What, no complaints about the length? Nobody bitching about them being too long or too short? Wow, what’s this world coming too when nobody here complains about the length of a pair of shorts.

    I’m also surprised that nobody has asked where these are made either. That always seems to pop up whenever a new piece of gear, esp. clothing, pops up here.

    • SSD says:

      Give it time.

      • Pierre says:

        I’m not American but it’s important even to me that items featured on this web site are quality made in the USA to military standards. This is why I come to SSD

    • Mike Nomad says:

      I’ll lodge my standard complaint: No slotted buttons.

      • Mike Nomad says:

        My Bad! I didn’t look at the close-up of the pocket. Awesome. Looking forward to trying out a pair.

  3. PapaZulu77 says:

    $89.00 plus S&H.

    And they’re awesome.

    • Pierre says:

      They are nice looking because they are the same as the already popular Triple Aught Design shorts. I know the owner left TAD for PDW but this is just shameless. Maybe time for new ideas?

      • JJ says:

        I sort of have to agree. I was hopping that Patric’s new company would so things different, and not just rehash the old designs like every other company out there is doing. But right away we got the same selection of products (similar knives, stickers, patches, EDC tools, and now shorts and pants). The only difference I feel has been the scout knife and the bear bottles.
        BUT, as a starting company, they might need to start by making what they know will sell, and build up their audience from there on. So I am hoping this is just to appeal to costumers, and to bring up revenue so they can later on due things that are much more different.

        • Strike-Hold says:

          You do realize that all of TAD’s stuff was designed by Patrick right?

          So its his IP and he can do what he damn well wants with it.

          • Jon Chimpo says:

            I’d be shocked if he retained any rights to anything related to designs at TAD. At best these are knock-offs, at worst its infringement.

            I’m also disappointed with his new brand as a whole. It’s a remake of Rocket world and TAD, just with slightly different characters (ever so slight in the case of DRB, Titus anyone?) and triangular pocket flaps. He’ll there’s even art prints al-la rocket world 10 years ago.

            Back on the shorts though: what do they offer that I don’t already have in a few pairs of Force 10’s? Nothing that I can see.

          • JJ says:

            Of course he can! Patric’s designs were awesome. But one can hope a crafstman can reinvent him self once an opportunity has presented for a new start.

  4. netrunner says:

    love the re-usability of the tags that’s really neat

  5. MM says:

    While the Odyssey shorts definitely have the distinctive TAD Gear ‘look’, which is logical since Patrick Ma designed both; I don’t consider the Odyssey as a ‘re-hash’ of the TAD design, but an evolution of one. Compared to my TAD shorts, which I really like, I like my Odyssey’s even more. Not too long nor short, with a lot of functional features.

    One note on the waist sizing – the waist is designed to accommodate and IWB holster and is larger than normal. My measured waist size is 32″, so I chose the 30″ waist Odyssey shorts since I didn’t plan to use them with a IWB holster. The 30″ are still loose enough around my waist such that I have to wear a belt. I’d say that even after the slight shrinkage from washing/drying, the actual waist size of the 30″ short is 33″. I’d love to see a simple webbing waist adjustment tab like the Prana Stretch Zion pants and shorts have (love those things), and have passed along that suggestion to PDW.

    • Marine FO says:

      I ordered a set of 36w and they are too big. Went to trade them the same day I received them and they were already sold out. I would loose my shipping both ways if I returned them so I threw them up on ebay. They said they wont have more till next summer. Bummed…