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FirstSpear Friday Focus – The Joker : Jungle Operations Airborne Capable Chest Rig


During this week’s Friday Focus, we are sharing a new FirstSpear product, just released during Warrior East. Designed primarily for jungle operations, the JOKER is a patrol rig intended specifically to work in conjunction with the FS MIKE Force Pack. Although the intended use was initially jungle, JOKER would make a great primary load carriage rig across the board. It offers a great deal of adjustment and can be worn alone, or over low bulk armor carriers like Slick, Deceptor NOC or similar from other manufacturers.

What’s more, there are a couple of cool design stories in creating the JOKER, including some work with a Yodaesque figure at the forefront of load carriage development. FirstSpear asked me to share a salute:

FS was fortunate enough to be noticed by someone out on the true cutting edge of load carriage development, thank you for asking us to partner with you on this product, enough said.

The components are pure FirstSpear. This platform offers a Tubes front closure system, making it a snap to don and doff. The three 6/9 & MOLLE compatible pocket panels are also padded in key areas to provide comfort and some buoyancy. Since it’s going to be used in wet environments, the JOKER incorporates drainage in the mesh panel pockets.


One of those design stories I mentioned is that they were looking at shoulder straps solutions for the Joker. Ultimately, they decided to use a Yoke created by the the guys at Hill People Gear, who they OEM for, and incorporated a low profile drag handle.


There are some neat load options. If you are looking to transport a medium or small frame pistol on the JOKER, you can integrate their SSV holster in the Belt Holster on the left or right side inside the pocket panels. A stiffened and reinforced SCUBA webbing strap in either pocket will let you attach the SSV back up cord and clip the J Hook in place leaving the butt of your pistol exposed for decent draw.

Additionally, there are Velcro pile fields located inside the front pockets on both sides of the Tubes which will accept FS Ragnar Pockets for Single or Double Pistol Mags as well as Ragnar Single M4 Magazine Pockets. Webbing loops on the front shoulder straps will accept single attachment style pockets of the 6/9 or MOLLE variety. You can really customize the load on this thing.


One of my favorite features on the JOKER is that it has a Side Release buckle on each shoulder strap that when activated, will drop the length of the shoulders overall to a preset position selected by the User. This will allow the JOKER to be worn higher on the chest or down low like a traditional patrol rig, with the pouches below the ruck. This also means it can be pulled up through existing parachute harnesses and worn for airborne operations. Once clear of the parachute harness the User returns the 2 one inch side release buckles to the original position and the JOKER is back in its fighting configuration.


Another cool integration option is depicted in these photos which show the attachment of the E&R Bag to the back panel of the JOKER nested underneath a GP Large Pouch. It’s easy to reach back and detach the E&R and then transport on its own waist strap. This is also a great place for weapons cleaning kit.

Available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green or MultiCam.

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4 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – The Joker : Jungle Operations Airborne Capable Chest Rig”

  1. Wardog 1-7 says:

    Where was this 15 years ago when I was still wearing my LBE to JRTC?

  2. Historia says:

    I really like this, maybe next rotation I will shell out

  3. Riceball says:

    Very nice, probably too rich for my blood and overkill for just trips to the range but I like the way it looks. I just wish that I had the money to justify buying a rig like this.

  4. ZK says:

    I love it. Reminds me of a modular, modernized IDF Ephod or legacy Eagle Air Rescue Vest.