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Violent Little Machine Shop – Semper Fidelis Charity Patch


Violent Little Machine Shop has produced a patch to support the families of the Marines in the Chattanooga shootings. All $10 of the purchase price will be going directly towards specific memorial funds and charities as soon as actionable info becomes available.

The patches are leather, 2 inch, with a hook Velcro back.


4 Responses to “Violent Little Machine Shop – Semper Fidelis Charity Patch”

  1. tery1 says:

    When will these shootings end?

    Charleston was only a few weeks ago.

    Other western countries don’t experience this kind of epidemic.

    • Riceball says:

      It’s not really that large of an epidemic, it’s just that the news media loves to report these events making them sound like more of an epidemic than they really are. For the amount of guns and gun owners there are in the US the actual number of shootings is pretty small and given the amount of ammo a lot of these shooters are reported to have, the number casualties is pretty small.

    • SSD says:

      Dude, you’re in Canada. Go to Toronto and buy an Obama cookie.

  2. Rob Collins says:

    Link to violent little machine shop doesn’t work…

    And, tery1, peddle your BS somewhere else. This was a terrorist attack, you azzhole, not the gun violence you’re trying to illogically pander against. And yes, they do happen elsewhere, your agenda simply allows you to simply ignore them.

    And, by the way, the murder rate is half what it was in 1992, per Bureau of Justice statistics, which also certainly don’t fit into your hysterical nonsense. Put 911 on speed dial if you’re ever here, I’m glad to say I won’t need to be responsible for your safety…