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Fenix Lighting Has Announced The New TK16 LED Flashlight


First Fenix Light to Feature Dual Tactical Tail Switch


DENVER – July 21, 2015 – FENIX LIGHTING US, a leader in precision LED lighting products for hands, heads and handlebars, today announced the launch of the TK16 LED flashlight in the US. This light is the first to feature Fenix’s new Dual Tactical Tail Switch for one-finger operation and instant access to strobe and momentary functions.

“The Fenix TK16 flashlight delivers functionality and performance, authorizing it as a reliable and necessary emergency and tactical tool,” says Beau Shrum, Fenix Lighting president. ”The new Dual Tactical Tail Switch provides professionals in security and public safety, and especially law enforcement the necessary one-hand operation their jobs require. In addition, the general consumer will be attracted to this light because of its size, shape, power and ease of use.”

The TK16 flashlight delivers four brightness modes plus a strobe function, and can throw its maximum output of 1000 lumens a distance of up to 240 meters. Key design elements include a strike face bezel, grip ring and body clip. With Fenix’s Intelligent Memory Circuit, the TK16 memorizes the last brightness level used and activates that level the next time the light is turned on.

The TK16 flashlight is powered by one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or two 3V CR123A Lithium batteries. The anti-roll, slip-resistant body design is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is IPX-8 waterproof to 2 meters. These features make the TK16 resistant to damage from impact, crushing or bending while remaining small, light and extremely powerful. MSRP is $100.00. The TK16 rechargeable and tactical packages, which include different battery and charger options, start at $114.00 and can be found at


5 Responses to “Fenix Lighting Has Announced The New TK16 LED Flashlight”

  1. jjj0309 says:

    China’s Surefire done it again.
    It’s literally tacticool version of PD35.

    • Riceball says:

      That maybe, but if it works and it’s cheaper than Surefire, then why not? At the very least it provides an option for those who want a light on their gun but don’t actually do anything beyond using it at the range and, maybe, classes. For anybody else, like police, military, or contractor, this may or may not be a suitable lower cost option; all I know is that I have one of the small single AAA powered Fenixs and it’s worked well enough for me as an EDC light. Granted I don’t do anything that really pushes its durability beyond car camping and trail hikes but for that it works just fine.

      • LCSO264 says:

        Riceball, I completely respect your situation. and you are probably correct, for the class here and there and a night stand gun (not a lot of regular abuse) these lights probably will suit you just fine.

        However, I recently entered a debate with a co-worker about tac lights and $$$$. He was talking about how he recently picked up China’s best LED low price option (not a Fenix) as his belt light. He went on about how many lumens it had, run time, blah blah blah….. Now this is a guy who for 20+ years has always used the right tool for the job, etc…. He commented on how silly we all were for years and years spending top dollar (hundreds of dollars) on Sure Fire lights, blah blabh blah….

        In fairness, I am a Sure Fire fan. always have been, probably always will. that said, I do find the price tags on some of their equipment completely ridiculous.

        Our conversation quickly delved into you get what you pay for. I will gladly pay a little more (or a lot more) for a light that I am confident will work when I absolutely need it to. the Chinese options may be just as bright, they might have great run times, etc…., but they are still made from the cheapest possible components in order to be available at such low prices. The connection points are not going to be as rugged, etc… I know from my experience, if something is going to break or not work, it is going to happen at the exact minute you/I absolutely need it to function.

        I’ve watched too many cops buy cheap weapon mounted lights, only to see them shake apart on the range (especially pistol lights).

        You get what you pay fore. always remember that when you think you’ve found a deal too good…..

        just my thoughts…

  2. Evan says:

    All of these lights use Cree emitters. The aluminum is T6. If your argument is Chinese V USA made you are simply misinformed. By all means stay brand loyal. Just don’t act like you have a clue if your only argument is based on the parts used to build thei light.

  3. Ed McMilton says:

    I’ve been using a Fenix flashlight for five years on the job. Rain, snow, heat, cold. Flawless. Surefire is overpriced. And anyone that is too blind to see that is deluding themselves. If you need to pay extra to fool yourself, go ahead. I would absolutely recommended Fenix lights to anyone.