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Guide to Blue Force Gear Weapon Slings


7 Responses to “Guide to Blue Force Gear Weapon Slings”

  1. Darrel says:

    I love my VCAS. I have tried VTAC style slings, but I don’t like the extremely rigid slider, for a variety of reasons, but more than anything, it’s a point of friction and bangs around all over your rifle making noise.

    The webbing BFG uses is really great. It gets softer as you get it wet and grind dirt into it, and it’s comfortable enough it won’t irritate you when it rubs on your neck.

  2. Thanks to all the end users out there using my signature sling from Blue Force Gear. They are a great company and I’m proud to be associated with them. We will continue to strive to supply the best weapons slings we are capable of.

  3. BravoMike says:

    Congratulations on the USMC contract. Now we need the Army to do the same 😉

  4. bulldog76 says:

    im looking for a sling for my mk12 clone something i can sling up if i have to but can act like a cool guy sling would these work

    • Darrel says:

      I’m not sure if you are joking or not…

      A sling is a sling. They all do the same thing. The differences come down to preference and personal bias. Any sling will work, but a blue force gear sling is a good choice

      • SSD says:

        Not really. The U.S. GI two-point sling is only mildly ok for sling arms. Beyond that, it basically sucks.

        • Darrel says:

          The Parade sling or the Army two point black sling I see all the Hooahs using?

          The green Parade sling with the metal slider is actually okay if you have absolutely nothing else. I’ve never actually used one of those army slings, but they look horrible.

          His question was pretty open ended. It sounded like he just wanted a sling that he would look cool with, not a functional combat sling, haha