OR – Yeti Coolers

Yeti is rapidly becoming the gold standard for coolers.  They’ve expanded into stainless steel with four insulated items: the Colster for cans (which they can’t keep in stock), the 20 & 30 oz Ramblers and the new Lowball Rambler.  The idea with the Lowball is to offer the outdoorsman one mug for all day, from coffee in the morning to whiskey in the evening,  



21 Responses to “OR – Yeti Coolers”

  1. Thomas 67 says:

    I saw the can Colster at my REI. Very nice, as long as you don’t mind spending $30 to keep a 12 ounce can of soda or beer cold for as long as it takes to drink it. The fake can it came with was a hoot.

  2. Daniel says:

    Would the lowball fit around a nalgene bottle?

  3. LawDog says:

    Last I checked these were made in China. No thanks.

    • Pierre says:

      Show me a US made bottle that works as well as the Yeti

      • TomF says:


        • Nope. I will say from first hand experience Yeti is superior. Google-Fu will lead to test results.

          • TomF says:

            How much superior? Do you need 20oz to stay cold for 8 hours? I don’t.

            Tervis is cheaper, made here, works damn well, and has proven near indestructible after long nights of bourbon and coke.

            I like Yeti stuff, but Tervis is a pretty damn good US alternative.

            • True, it is all about balancing performance and cost. For my needs, like long weekends in the hills, Yeti makes a more attractive product.

            • PJ says:

              20oz? No, but the 20oz is kinda dumb. 30oz? It’s come in handy.
              I like be Tervis stuff and use it a lot for regular drinkware, but the Yeti is much better for an out-and-about cup.

    • That isn’t an automatic “bad thing”

  4. Eric says:

    I have both the 30 and the 20oz and they are both amazing.

    I can leave it on my coffee table over night with ice in it and there will still be ice in it in the morning 8 hours later.

    The 32oz fits my entire “small” pot coffee maker with room for creamer. Also it fits in a normal cup holder.

    The 32oz has become my new favorite mug/cup/tumbler.

  5. These are amazing! I just picked one up and it is keeps my coffee scalding hot for a couple hours. It’s crazy how well it works, also a bit dangerous if you are not careful. I hear it performs equally well on the other end of the temperature scale.

  6. Riceball says:

    For heat retention nothing, in my opinion, beats Zojirushi, yeah the rice cooker maker, their little thermos bottle is incredible at keeping things hot. I once put some fresh coffee in one and then put it in the fridge overnight thinking to make iced coffee, when I pulled it out the next day it was still warm, not piping hot but still quite drinkably warm. If the Yeti works as well as my little Zoji then I’d be suitably impressed and would consider one if I needed something larger than 16oz.

  7. Mike Nomad says:

    Yeti as the gold standard for coolers? Hardly. Pelican Marine & Igloo Kodiak are way better kit.

    The Yeti Rambler does indeed keep hot things hot and cold things cold for quite a while. However, there is The China Thing. Tried Tervis as an alternative. Not even close. To Hot To Drink passes in less than an a half hour. And cold to cool happens pretty quick as well. The culprit is (I believe) the totally crap travel lid.

    @ Riceball: Thanks for the tip on Zojirushi. Didn’t know they made anything besides rice cookers.

  8. z0phi3l says:

    Not sure why haters keep saying these are made in China, according to their site they are made in two shops in the US and a shop in the Philippines, and you can request a US only one if you are that much of a zealot

    • SSD says:

      They told me they are made in USA at OR. But what the hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good rant.

      • Mike Nomad says:

        IFIRC, The lit attached to the one I picked up in LA a couple of months ago indicated it was made in a couple of different places: Overseas bits assembled here.

        Now, I have to go find one on the shelf, and read stuff again…

      • Mike Nomad says:

        Indeed, Mr. SSD: Looks like you got lied to.

        Bottom of the 20 oz. includes the following: Designed in Austin TX, Made in China.