HPG Wind Cheater – Proof of Life

If you get the Hill People Gear newsletter, you already know this.  If you don’t, we hope you are stoked about this news as we are.    
“No, we don’t have a price. No, we don’t have a timeline on production. But we do have a correct production sample and that’s something. So consider this a teaser of good things to come. This is the First Spear Windcheater with sleeve pockets removed and the awesome HPG “Cargo Napolean / Handwarmer” pocket setup added. The hood is also plumbed to accept an optional zip on coyote fur ruff. If you’re interested in updates on this product, email”


2 Responses to “HPG Wind Cheater – Proof of Life”

  1. Black6ID says:

    I like this

  2. Luke says:

    glad to see they didn’t ditch the handwarmer pockets. looks sharp.