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Tight360Tactical – Tactical Vehicle Visor Panel


Tight360Tactical’s Tactical Vehicle Visor Panel is mounted to the sun visor of a vehicle, providing an item organizer within close reach of the user. The front of the panel features a clear panel for vehicle registration and/or insurance, and an additional pocket for other important documents. The front also has 2 x 3 elastic nylon webbing for writing implements.


The back side offers a combination of elastic nylon webbing and Velcro loop, for items such as flashlights, chemlights, and knives, and Velcro loop for patches.


Available in Coyote Brown and Foliage Green. Made in the USA.

Available in two sizes: 12″ x 6″ and 12″ x 7.5″, for small and large sun visors, respectively.



18 Responses to “Tight360Tactical – Tactical Vehicle Visor Panel”

  1. Bill says:

    All those gadgets become missiles in the event of a car crash.

  2. Ray says:

    I like it if only for the clear visor to keep my registration/insurance info with pens…but you never know.

    • Chucker says:

      Ray, that’s exactly what I was thinking also but they’re starting to tell everyone to carry that info on your person now so if your car gets broken into/stolen they can’t easily find your house and cause more mayhem….especially if your garage door opener is in the car.

      • Ray says:

        Chucker- Dammit, you make a valid point…now i need another reason for why I ‘need’ this. hahaha

        Seriously though, the security concern is a very good point.

        • mike says:

          That IS the perfect reason to “need” this. How easier to take the information with you than to put it in something you can easily, well, take with you?!

      • Bill says:

        That’s a big 10-4 on the garage door opener – it’s no different than leaving a key to the house in the open. I’ve had at least 2 crews of residential burglars who’d get a bunch of generic openers, set the DIP switches to factory default settings copied out of stolen ones or chosen by chance (out of 9 million permutations) and cruise around trying them at random, pretty successfully. That’s been a while; I’m hoping technology has advanced some since then.

  3. Bill says:

    Different Bill:

    With all the crap that’s in my patrol car, getting speared with a Sharpie in the event of a crash are the least of my concerns. And there’s nothing like drawing a pool cruiser or somebody else’s ride, flipping the sun visor down and getting a rain of dried-up pens, unfiled citations, cheap cigars, and nudie shots of some pilot whale / badge bunny someone is banging.

    I like these types of things, even in my POV, but the Secretary of the Treasury advises that she rules the make-up mirror on the passenger side, and that anything that interferes with that gots to go.

    • Airborne_fister says:

      Yep I put a visor thingy like this on the passager side. It was down in two min. Once household 6 entered the Vic. Then I was read the riot act and we had to sign a new Geneva convention treaty.

      • JP says:

        That’s your fault for letting her get that way to begin with. Sack-up.

        • Bill says:

          YOU can put on the Blue Helmet of Peace, sit between us and maintain order. Then I can keep both hands on the wheel instead of using my right one to block punches. She cites something about possession of p***y being 9/10s of the law.

          • airborne_fister says:

            Haha. In our lives I think HH6 has 10/10th of the law. She could be gone for a weekend or not ride in my car for awhile. Two seconds into her being inside. Visor is down and make up is applied. Just after visor goes down visor organizer is out the window for and I’m catch all hell for having it.

    • Airborne_fister says:

      So can I mount a mole mount holster to this and rock a firearm and a knife. Then tell the police I’m not reaching for my firearm. I’m reaching for my documents.

  4. Derek says:

    Fully loaded this looks like to much weight for any visor to hold securely.

  5. HMFIC says:

    I can see someone getting shot in the head by these trigger happy cops for reaching for your insurance so as they see a knife

    • JDT says:

      Or you can say, “Officer, I have a knife next to my documentation.” Pretty simple solution to that conundrum.

      • mike says:

        Additionally one could try not to take the demo picture, which is meant to demonstrate “possible” usage, and understand that you can set yours up the way you like. You can even leave out the knife! Promise!

      • Bill says:

        Or, because we’ve learned to take positions of advantage during traffic stops, you can listen to us laugh because you brought a knife to a gunfight.

        I’ve always wondered if getting zinged with a long-range, extended penetration TASER cartridge from about 3 feet away hurts more than normal.

  6. Bill says:

    Another Bill again: Now I realized I’d have to cover it with velcro for my agency placard/parking ticket attractor, plus I like the idea that one company had of making them in VS17 colors so that my unmarked is slightly more visible when working details with aircraft. Fortunately I don’t like visor lights, or I’d need maybe 7 sun visors.

    I’d probably sub a window punch for the knife, that would be slightly less scary, and it would shoot my eye out in a crash. And a magnifying glass for us old guys to use on maps and street atlases.