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High Threat Concealment – Cobra Tactical Riggers Belt Durability Test

High Threat Concealment has just come out with their new Cobra Tactical Riggers (CRT) belt. So, to put it through its paces, they took a Chevy pickup, hooked the CRT to it and an F150 with the e-brake engaged, and let the Chevy run.



9 Responses to “High Threat Concealment – Cobra Tactical Riggers Belt Durability Test”

  1. jj says:

    meh. shock load it. . .that’s more telling

  2. Bradkaf308 says:

    For when you just have to get off the X?

  3. Thatguy says:

    Me personally, I think belt stiffness is more of a thing I’m worried about, but a civilian has less needs than the professional operator. My 2 cents

  4. m5 says:

    What’s the point here?

    A riggers belt is a very simple piece of kit. The minimum breaking strength of a Cobra buckle is 1.8 kN in a loop configuration. And the webbing typically used is much stronger still. Unless they’ve really botched the stitching, the belt should do fine at least upto the rated 1.8 kN. Besides, sewing defects are much more likely to cause unraveling over time and usage, rather than initial failure.

    Moreover. If you really need a belt with life-supporting strength rating – rather than a belt for pulling trucks and keeping your pants up – you probably should consider getting leg loops too.

  5. Dan says:

    If they pulled with the Ford it would’ve broke

  6. Bill says:

    Either I’m missing something, or the belt industry is taking crazy pills. I’m a belt nut, but this is getting insane, expensive, and more inconvenient than useful. As m5 points out, a riggers belt is pretty simple, has relatively few failure point, and if life support, literally, is a requirement, we’re better off with a waist or sit harness.

    Add then varying widths, PALs attachments versus looped attachments, padded, unpadded, stiff versus the opposite of stiff, over belts, underbelts, I guess there is something for everyone, but along with my box of unused holsters, I have my box of unused wonderbelts.

    Now I’ll test and see how well the snatch strap in my truck hold up my pants.

  7. Dellis says:

    Shouldn’t they be re-inforcing belt loops on pants instead of making stronger belts??

    • straps says:

      That and human bodies less prone to structural failure.

      I doubt my heirs have much interest in taking possession of an intact belt with my blood, guts and other miscellaneous substances–residue from a mishap in which my belt held but my body was torn asunder.

      As jj says, shock load. Though I’m not sure I’d want to live as a para/quad either, but I guess that’s preferable to falling through someone’s windshield…

  8. BravoMike says:

    Makes me glad I drive a Ram…
    And wear an HTC belt. 😉