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Chase Tactical – Warrior Wednesday – Warrior Assault Systems Falcon Chest Rig


The new Warrior Assault Systems Falcon Chest Rig is designed to work as a compact Chest Rig in a stand alone configuration.

The FCR accommodates 8 x M4 style mags with an adjustable bungee retention which also allows AK mags to be easily changed out. There are a total of 4 utility pouches. The end pouches can hold MBITR 148 radios, there are elastic loops for storage of chem lights, small flashlights etc. at the sides of the end pouches.


Warrior’s DPDA-9 double pistol mag pouch is attached to the front of the Falcon Chest Rig with MOLLE and can be removed or replaced as required.


The unique feature about the Falcon Chest Rig is its ability to attach to Warrior Assault Systems new RECON Plate Carrier. Simply remove the shoulder and rear straps and all the remaining clips line up with the corresponding ITW clips located on the front and sides of the RECON Plate carrier, creating a scalable armor platform.


The Falcon Chest Rig is currently available in MultiCam, Coyote, and A-TACS-FG.

All Warrior Assault Systems products are made from genuine U.S. Mil Spec materials and hardware.

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5 Responses to “Chase Tactical – Warrior Wednesday – Warrior Assault Systems Falcon Chest Rig”

  1. Ground pounder says:

    I guess if you don’t have an original idea knock off another companies piece, move a pouch and call it your own.

  2. Walsh says:

    Mayflower designs some great stuff. Oh wait a second….what?

  3. Simon says:

    “unique feature” = a feature countless other chest rigs already use to attach to Plate Carriers.

  4. SR says:

    Chase what matters ™