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Get Your Warcomps!

Shipping to dealers now from SureFire.


5 Responses to “Get Your Warcomps!”

  1. BravoMike says:

    Any ETA on the Warden? Confirming the Warden fits on the Warcomp?

    • Rearmount says:

      BM, what would be the reasoning to have the Warden on the Warcomp? The Warden was designed to minimize the side blast on their muzzle brake…seems like it would be unnecessary for the Warcomp?

      • BravoMike says:

        Roger that, but the Warcomp is basically a hybrid flash hider/compensator, no? IOW, I just wasn’t sure how much side blast would be noticeable in tight quarters/indoors because of the Warcomp’s rows of porting holes…

        • Rearmount says:

          Hmm someone who has had hands on experience could be more certain, but I could’ve sworn I read somewhere (M4C?) that the Warcomp provides a 5-10% recoil reduction compared to 80% that a brake provides, which shoots it off to the sides. It’s just that the Warcomp minimizes muzzle rise.

  2. Bill says:

    Finally, a muzzle device that isn’t trying to be a Great White Shark or lamprey. I can case a rifle without it trying to saw it’s way out.