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Tight360 Tactical – Operator Survival Band V3.0 And Tactical Hypalon Wallet


Operator Survival Band (OSB) V3.0

The Operator Survival band is made of MilSpec 1 in. nylon webbing with a cobra weave of 12-15 feet (depending on band size) of MilSpec Type III 550 paracord, and a 1″ Austrialpin Cobra Buckle FM. Included with the OSB is a compass, firesteel, p38 can opener, 2 fishing hooks, 2 fishing snap swivels, and 30 feet of braided fishing line. The OSB also features a 1.5 in. removable center Velcro Loop for attaching 1″ x 2″ morale patches.




Tactical Hypalon Wallet

The Tactical Hypalon Wallet is the latest design from Tight360 Tactical. Made of US-made Hypalon, the wallet is a bi-fold design with storage for cards, as well as four smaller interior pockets. The exterior of the Hypalon Wallet consists of Velcro loop for mounting patches.




6 Responses to “Tight360 Tactical – Operator Survival Band V3.0 And Tactical Hypalon Wallet”

  1. JD says:

    If only they made that wallet in black

  2. JP says:

    Survival Bands: the newest tacticool dick-measuring contest?

  3. Hobbs says:

    I came for “Hypalon Wallet”. I left at “covered in Velcro”.

  4. Brendan Smith says:

    I recently purchased 2 of their admin panels. Really love these KISS simple bits of kit. They were under $9 and were in my mail box on Monday after ordering on a Friday. I have no experience with the wallets or the wrist bands, but got some fast service and high value products from this business.

    BTW, I’m just a civilian nerd, but I use the admin panels as EDC nylon pocket protectors and can carry a pen, small flashlight, multi-tool or even an extra pistol mag in them and slip into a cargo pocket.