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Vickers Tactical Presents – Why I Fought : Tyler Grey

I consider myself fortunate to count both Larry Vickers amd Tyler Grey as friends. This is the first in a new series called “Why I Fight” by Vickers Tactical where LAV interviews fellow co-host of the new series “The Sentinel”, Tyler. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do.

8 Responses to “Vickers Tactical Presents – Why I Fought : Tyler Grey”

  1. Iceman says:

    Tyler is the real deal. Wish I had half of his character.

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks to Tyler for his service. I’m looking forward to seeing more episodes in the series.

  3. CRH says:

    Class act, and great video looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Thanks for getting this out there Larry. Great segment and great cause Tyler is working at.

  5. Kerbert says:

    Wish Tyler didn’t go Hollywood, though…EA Games…come on Tyler!

  6. Robert says:


    Sine Pari indeed.

  7. Shteve-O says:

    Wow. Impressive spirit. Drive on!!