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Atlas 46 – AIMS 3″ Magnetic Panel

Many of us are busy with DIY projects this Saturday so we thoight it wouod be a great time to tell you about the AIMS 3″ Magnetic Panel from Atlas 46.


This 3″w x .5″d x 4.5″h panel uses Atlas 46’s AIM attachment system which sandwiches the pouch around the belt (fits up to 2” belt) and allows quick attach without removing the belt. It incorprates six magnets to hold smaller items in place and would be handy for chores. Hand crafted in the USA


Available in Black or Coyote.  Also offered in 2″ width.


12 Responses to “Atlas 46 – AIMS 3″ Magnetic Panel”

  1. Bill says:

    I’ve e-mailed them to see if the magnets have the stones to hold a pistol – not as a holster but for training when I need to secure a trainee’s gun while they fiddle with something, or when it has malfed and we need to work with it on the line. Being able to hold mags, slides, maybe frames, grip screws – could literally be a life saver. Besides, I’d pay quadruple for something that kept me from having to bend over, take a knee or loose parts.

  2. Luke says:

    My god, it’s genius. I do refrigeration/HVAC/general maintenance for a big facility, and I’m constantly digging in my shirt pockets for nuts and things while working on projects.

  3. Matsucorp says:

    Made something like that 20 years ago when I worked on billboards… I guess it’s my dumb ass for not marketing it…LOL

  4. Burdy says:

    This could end up being the quickest mag pouch ever made…

  5. Eddie says:

    The age of tactical carpenters is upon us.

  6. Jason M says:

    I’m guessing it would not be such a good idea for those with mechanical watches to wear on their watch hand side…Cool gadget though.

  7. defensor fortismo says:

    I’ve honestly been doing the same thing with my tactical tailor magna mag pouches for years

  8. Ex Coelis says:

    HUGELY cool idea!!! Only ‘bad thing’ might be(and a very minor point, at that); getting a magnetically striped bank/credit/ID card near the Atlas 46 – AIMS 3″, would ‘scrub’ or corrupt the card’s information. Nevertheless, definitely a great addition to anyone’s tool-chain(building contractor or military contractor)… Need one.

  9. bluenoser says:

    What a great cell phone holster.