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It’s “Pogue”

This is a “POG”


This is a “Pogue”


Any questions?

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  1. BandEAtoZ says:


  2. COL REMF says:

    I am a pogue, and I know the diffence. At the risk of sounding any more like a sycophant, the distinction between pog and pogue is indeed an issue; I had to explain the pogue/pog difference to a USMC augmentee (who was also a pogue, despite the fact he was issued a long gun with Trijicon) about 18 months ago in Afganistan. Thanks yet again for getting the word out. Sorry for another drunk post.

  3. bazinga bazinga bazinga says:

    I thought it was P.O.G. but pronounced POGUE?

    Person other than a grunt?

    Next you’ll tell me REMF is REMFUE

  4. Chuck says:

    For those who don’t care to Google:

    Originally, the term was a sexual insult in early twentieth century gay culture, as “pogue” was slang for a young male who submitted to sexual advances.

    The word “pogue” was never originally spelled “pog” nor was it an acronym. The change of spelling from “pogue” to “POG” may be a direct result of the word “póg” meaning “kiss” in Irish Gaelic. A popular Irish phrase “póg mo thóin” literally means “kiss my ass.” The Irish punk band “the Pogues” derived their names directly from that phrase. Coincidentally, the spelling itself is anglicized “pogue” because “pog” is pronounced like the word “rogue.”

  5. ASmithee says:

    If you can spell words with a ‘u’ in them, then you are probably too smart for the infantry, and therefore a pog.

    • SSD says:

      Must be a millennial problem.

    • The Dude says:

      That’s funny, I know a lot of smart dudes in infantry slots 😉

      • SSD says:

        Me too

        • COL REMF says:

          And as most of us know, the Infantry MOS requires a higher ASVAB GT score than a great many pogue MOS. However, intelligence and lack of willful ignorance are not the same (which is not to say that most Infantrymen are willfully ignorant, which would be patently false, apart from those that have made a religion out of a reverse-engineered non-acronym).

  6. Dev says:

    Photo’s wonky again. It’s massive for the dude on the forklift.

    At least it is on my device.

    • StormFuror says:

      Ya, and it makes the homepage of the website really funky since the image is so big. I’m using an iPad Air.

  7. This argument will go on forever in the barracks and beyond. I have no problem with either one, but most people today seem to understand “POG,” so I’ll use it.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      It never existed until after the internet gained popular use, back in the 90’s Marines and Army alike called and spelled it the original way.

      Jon, OPT

  8. balais says:

    Um, no

    It is POG, pronounced “pogue” (which has its own history and different meaning), which a backronym for, “People Other than Grunt (POG)”.

    “Pogue” has its own specific meaning that is unrelated to a military context. Unless the military is predominantly Irish…

    • SSD says:

      That’s POTG

      • bazinga bazinga bazinga says:

        United States of America.


        This is how you sound

        • Weaver says:

          “POG = Person Other than Grunt” is a revisionst attempt to make an acronym out of a slan word which was already in common useage. I heard the word pogue used regularly when I was a medic in an infantry unit in the late 1980s; it wasn’t until the late-90s that I heard anyone “define” it as POG.

          SSD is right.

          • balais says:


            Lets try and use basic logic here.

            Assuming for a moment that what you say is true, and that Person Other than Grunt is “revisionism”, then what did it stand for before back in the good ol days?

            Or was the army so predominantly irish that they borrowed the “Pogue” meaning with spelling and everything?

    • COL REMF says:

      Incidentally, the word “Whiskey” is also of Irish origin. Therefore, by analogy, dismissing “Pogue” because of it’s etymology is logically unsound.

      The Marine I explained “Pogue” to in Afghanistan was less than half my age; therefore this may indeed be a generational isssue, but not his fault as the misconception has likely been propagated extensively by those unable to (or not sufficiently motivated to) research the term themselves.

      Or it could just be a Marine thing (not offense intended, plenty of people misguided about things the other services).

      I need to find better ways to spend my Saturday night.

      • SSD says:

        Being a Marine thing makes sense. I mean who else could turn five words into three letters? Apparently, the ASVAB actually works.

    • Ex11A says:

      Um, quit believing the internet. There was a lot of military history and tradition before the interwebs. And it’s “pogue” (as in “poguey bait”)as explained by various others on here that were actually in the military before 2000.

      • balais says:

        LOL It isn’t spelled “Poguey bait”. If you are going to ‘correct’ somebody, square away yourself first.

        And at least the internet encyclopedias are backed by citations, which is more than I can say for the guys selling POG “pogue” with nothing but nostalgia to reference.

  9. Terry says:

    He only has one leg!

  10. MOS says:

    POG: Posted On Garrison.

    • SSD says:

      Making this up as we go along I see

      • Jon, OPT says:

        This, is how this shit started, guy sees word, guy makes acronym rather than ask, guy perpetrates misinformation, informed old school dudes get frustrated with people who know no better… but they know a guy who knows a guy who knows…

        Jon, OPT

  11. Joe says:

    Why is it pogue, and not POG? You have all made it clear you believe it is pogue but have not explained why. Pedantic Operator’s Groan Universally Equally.

  12. andrew says:

    It’s still pogey bait, right?

  13. Kaos-1 says:

    At least your proud about it . But your still just a waste of oxygen until you become an infantryman. Lmfao !!!!!!!

    • SSD says:


    • Weaver says:

      Says every infantryman everywhere – right up until he needs to call for fire or call for air support.

      • Kaos-1 says:

        Hahahaha, that’s hilarious. Here’s how it really happens .
        Air support =denied, not priority
        Call for fire=denied, too much collateral damage

        • Weaver says:

          Uh-huh. Right.

          The myth that the infantryman works harder than anyone else in the military, and is better than anyone else in the military, is fostered to help them compensate for having one of the shittiest jobs in the military – it’s like Marines taking excessive pride in simply being Marines despite being chronically on the short end of the acquisition stick, thus having muskets with iron sights long after everyone else – pogues included – were toting M4s with optics.

          • Badjujuu says:

            I’ve used to talk shit about pougs, until one time we needed something and a pogue told us to rub that blue cord and gtfo. Over the years I’ve learned to respect all MOSs, especially cooks, finance, supply and mechanics.
            Recently I have transitioned from 11b to a 68wF2 position and world of aviation Pogue lifestyle opened up in front me. Looking forward to it after years of being mistreated like rich man’s guard dogs.

            • straps says:

              Be civil to the folk who handle your food, your pay… and your razor-pissing junk after a 4-day weekend…

      • dan says:

        HA, Nhaa we are good man, most of us know how to call for fire, and we have chucks for that…..

  14. Mike Honcho says:

    For me, it isn’t so much a question of spelling (Pogue/POG). It’s more an issue of soldiers not knowing what Pogue means. When I enlisted in ’93, Pogue simply meant you weren’t Infantry. But when I got to Iraq in ’06, Pogue was used as a term for troops who didn’t see combat; incorrectly used as synonyms for Fobbit or REMF. Plenty of Engineers, Arty, MPs and 88Mikes performed well under fire–but are still Pogues.

    • SSD says:

      Back in the 80s and 90s it was a term used for guys who didn’t go on any missions aka infantry. Seems, with few exceptions, everyone else was actually doing stuff and the infantry guys were stuck in the barracks cleaning rifles.

  15. Douche Poser says:


  16. Mr Blue Chord says:

    Regardless of it’s spelling, anyone who hears it knows whether or not they are….or are NOT. I have a sneaking suspicion this peanut gallery is “person other than grunt” heavy. Just saying.

    • COL REMF says:

      At which point this thread devolved from being about properly defining ad hominem attacks to containing ad hominem attacks. Congratulations

  17. SimpleSoldier says:

    Nevertheless, these terms haven’t been around for not even a century. http://gruntsandco.com/history-infantry-sobriquets/

  18. airborne_fister says:

    As a guy who is a pogue. I believe the first is a POG. Or the little circle discos that you stacked up. Slamming a POG slammer down onto it. The POGs were made of cardboard. I think that is what they were going for. But in my defense I am a pogue. I hold two MOSes in the non 11B world. I’m a 13F. And a 92R. When the infantry wants their call for fire or air to cover them. I’m their best friend. And when the airborne infantry wants their chutes I hooked them up. Or on the heavy drops when I resupply them I’m their best friend. But other then that I think it’s just a term that the infantry likes to use.

    • pbr549 says:

      I was an Infantryman for 25 years. It was pogue when I joined in 89 and two groups of people we never considered to be pogues were FOs and line medics.

  19. dan says:

    Quit tryin’ to church it up!