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Magpul – Now Shipping PMAG 20 And PMAG 10 LR/SR GEN M3 In Sand

Magpul is now shipping the PMAG 20 and PMAG 10 LR/SR GEN M3 magazines in Sand. As a reminder, the new M3 magazines incorporate a new material technology and manufacturing process which improves the strength, durability, and reliability of the magazines. Additionally, these new mags are more receptive to water-based dye processes, so they more easily be altered to any number of colors.

MAG290 PMAG10 LR-SR GEN M3 Rifle Side SND




Sand MOE

Additionally, here’s a quick preview of the upcoming MOE SL furniture in Sand, which includes the MOE SL Stock, Grip, and Hand Guard.



8 Responses to “Magpul – Now Shipping PMAG 20 And PMAG 10 LR/SR GEN M3 In Sand”

  1. we be killing um says:

    looks kind of white

  2. Darrel says:

    I don’t know why Magpul thought this color was a good idea and that Daniel Defense FDE wasn’t. Is there anyone who seriously wants a BRIGHTER flat dark earth? The color was already plenty bright and annoying to look at. This Sand color is almost unbearably bright.

    Daniel Defense FDE, or some other sort of dark, rich brown would have been a much better idea. The color matches way better with black rifles and wouldn’t make your rifle look like some sort of Frankenstein mottled up mess like FDE does

    • SSD says:

      Ok, this Sand color is the color of the raw material. It can be painted AND dyed using Rit dye into any color/combo you want.


    • It isn’t bad at all in person. Plus if you really care about “earth tones” and weapon signature, get a rattle can.

    • DSM says:

      I do concur their FDE is just tan (the Bushmaster ACR coyote was perfect in my humble opinion) but these are for people to RIT dye, nothing more or less. Says so on their site.

    • cazhool says:

      Clearly Magpul is banking on the Tusken Raider/Tatooine Border Irregulars IDIQ rumour that’s been floating around (it seems there’s some unobligated funds burning a hole in their pocket and as the FY closes out….well, can you blame them?). For the benefit of the some folks out there, whom are not only worried about being cajoled into buying something in a colour they neither want nor need but are clearly multiplying rapidly and learning to read/type too (Awesome!), they might’ve called this “Sand Base” or similar to make it obvious that one is free to have a sand-coloured gun or…get this….apply any of the environment-specific custom patterns developed in the garage R&D shop or hey maybe just picked up off the ACE hardware shelf on a whim after 2 minutes of expert comparo in time of need. [Hint: stay away from the high gloss and satin]

      • darrel says:

        Got it. Thanks for the info fellas. I read that above in the article, but I didn’t think that it was the expressed purpose of the color, more of just a bonus.