The Sheriff of Baghdad Podcast Is Now Available

John “Shrek” McPhee called me a couple of weeks ago, telling me that he was launching a podcast along with co-host Spencer Pratt.  I didn’t realize that he already had two webisodes in the can. 

Check it out.  Available Here.


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3 Responses to “The Sheriff of Baghdad Podcast Is Now Available”

  1. Mike R says:

    Bad link

  2. straps says:

    Is this summarized somewhere? Who’s monetizing the clicks? SGM(R) McPhee or the fameball?

    I’d pay to listen to SGM(R) McPhee, but that other guy’s fameballing efforts have sickened me since well before he embarked on that ultimately unsuccessful effort to become some kind of real life Jack Bauer without actually putting any skin in the game. He embodies what’s wrong with the culture of “Reality” celebrity he sort of started.

    I get that kinetics culture or whatever we call it should have advocacy and ambassadors, but the fameball is gonna get his before anyone else benefits. Also, the moment timing or anything else conspires to create an awkward moment, fameball will stand outside the blast radius he created. I’d love to hear I’m wrong about this, and there’s a charity (or even SGM(R) McPhee) deriving the bulk of the benefit from this.

  3. Matthew Kime says:

    Really can’t put my head around the reason Spencer Pratt exists in general, let alone in conjunction with someone like SGM(R) McPhee.