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Hill People Gear Considers Adding New Kit Bag Harness

In response to customers looking for a PALS backed harness for their Kit Bag, Hill People Gear came up with this prototype. If they decide to place it into production, it will be an add-on item and not a substitution at time of purchase.

Let them know what you think at hillpeoplegear.com/Forum.


16 Responses to “Hill People Gear Considers Adding New Kit Bag Harness”

  1. Chris K. says:

    I like it, would be great for adding hydration.

  2. Dellis says:

    I like it also. Good gear, great company!

  3. CapnTroy says:

    Looks like just the spot to hang a 1L Source Kangaroo bladder…nice job Evan & Scot!

  4. The Pig says:

    I believe this would be a great minimalist daypack alternative system. I like where this is going.

    • The Pig says:

      Maybe g hook the rib straps on the rear for torso height adjustment. Not sure how much the pals is needed in most cases. Looks good.

  5. paul says:

    yes please!

  6. d says:

    Crazy. I did a trail run today wearing an HPG kit bag and I was wishing they would make a tiny pack that could fit a 50oz water reservoir to interface with their kit bags.

    My gripe with the prototype shown is the amount of material on the shoulders. I think it would get hot in a hurry.

    • Rob Collins says:

      That’s the only downside with the HPG harness. The comfort far exceeds Kifaru’s harness for the Koala. The best solution for me is a lifter kit to integrate it with a backpack harness, I don’t usually carry just a chest pack solo.

  7. I think this paired with the Heavy Recon Bag would be awesome. You would have a shit ton of 6/12 real estate, and could serve as a heavier alternative to that S&S/Grey Ghost ARC rig.

  8. A lack of hydration capability was one of my issues on the original kit bag, the other was that the torso strap should be elastic/stretch similar to what Conterra uses on their radio harnesses. This is a great evolutionary step for the product. I very much like that the bladder is hung on the inside, that keeps it tight to the body and minimizes floppage. Would strongly suggest that they make the sleeve long enough to handle at least a 70 ounce bladder. 50 is not enough.

    Hope they move forward with it and continued success to HPG.

    • praharin says:

      I think that is an unfair assessment. The Kit Bag is designed from the ground up to be used as a means to carry a full sized handgun in conjunction with a back pack with hip belt. I’ve carried mine for many miles, and can say without a doubt it does this well. Elastic would be prone to wear out. Evan and Scot design their gear to be field repairable. Stretchy material is not.

  9. Bill says:

    I’m going to get the terminology wrong, and it may be the wrong application given weight distribution, but why not the skeletonized style of mounting systems, like on the BFG MINUS series of chest rigs? I hate heat.

    • praharin says:

      I’d say the simple answer is that HPG uses First Spear to make their gear, and they use the 6/9 system. This material also offers some loop side velcro adhesion that really stabilizes the pockets FS and HPG offer.

  10. Personal preference but I like that the shoulder pieces are wide, distributes the weight across a greater surface area and rides better for longer distances. As for heat, they should consider using a heavy duty mesh like the Tactical Tailor vests.

  11. Fury says:

    Nice. Hope they move forward with it.