Question – Is Anyone Who Actually Uses Fireclean Going To Stop Because Blogs Made Claims It Was Actually Crisco?

Just the folks who actually use Fireclean now?  Not the guys on the sidelines who’ve never used the stuff and are just spouting off because they’re bored.  

43 Responses to “Question – Is Anyone Who Actually Uses Fireclean Going To Stop Because Blogs Made Claims It Was Actually Crisco?”

  1. El Guapo says:

    In short, NO.

    I’ve been using it in my issue M4 and my personal suppressed SBR and I can say hands down it’s the best lube I’ve tried. I’ve used CLP, Militec, Slip 2000, and a few others but Fireclean lasts far longer than the others and makes clean-up much easier.

    If it’s Crisco I’ll just need to know what kind so I can buy it way cheaper.

    Shit just works.

    • Darrel says:


      I would love to know if there any additives you can incorporate into Crisco to make it work a little better or a little less stinky.

  2. SSD says:

    Man, it got all quiet in here. Something I learned early on doing this website was that the people who complained the most about a product were never a customer in the first place and were never going to be one.

  3. SloppyJoe says:

    Nope, used it during this year’s entire competitive season of bullseye. Ran into 0 issues in all kinds of weather with .22 hammerli, M9, and 1911.

  4. Dan M. says:

    I’ve been using fireclean for years, I even have a picture from AUSA ’12 when they were pimping their wares at the AAC booth showing how well it cleaned the suppressors they had around. They are top notch, trustworthy folks.

    It’s worked great with clean up of my BCG after running my can and the fact I can just wipe that crap off with a paper towel is why I love the stuff over the rest and always will.

    Off topic I know but after watching Tuohy over the years I lost respect for him and his blog a long time ago. He’s always tried to be gimmicky and a character which obviously has kept an audience not unlike the russian youtuber. At this point for me he could write the most eye opening, rock solid article and I wouldn’t give his opinion or “findings” the time of day based on his track record.

  5. Ajax says:

    Now, I’m a private citizen, so take this for what it is worth, but absolutely. I highly doubt that it’s just Crisco oil. It works great for me, but if it’s not your cup of tea, whatever. But they definitely seem like a good company.

  6. Chris says:

    The only reason I don’t use it now is I can’t find it locally. I would love to use the stuff cause I’ve nothing but good thing about it (I despise CLP) but it’s hard to find here without ordering online and typically don’t order much cleaning supplies/gun parts online these days.

  7. TH says:

    No. I’ll still use it. It could be made of piss, as long as it works as well as it does it really doesn’t matter to me. I use on duty rifle and duty pistol among others. Great product.

  8. Carlos says:

    I stopped using it months ago because its performance was underwhelming in terms of carbon build up (and yes I did follow the directions).

  9. Dellis says:

    I will still use it…..BUT I may not buy it any longer!

    Funny story here bro…years and ages ago when I first started my auto detailing biz I was going to Meguiars for products. After purchasing “plastic polish” for a good year or so one of the guys said…”Ya see that big purple bottle up there that says ‘Furniture Polish? Get that instead. Same product as the Plastic Polish just costs a whole lot less and you get more”

    Meguiars was a furniture polishing company before auto detailing and they found some products could possibly crossover to cars. It’s called marketing and I don’t see any issues with it.

    Old timers would spray their paint down with Pledge furniture polish so I have no issues with one product being used in another area.

    Does get my brain thinkin though…I wonder how PAM cooking spray would work in firearms as it, and other cooking sprays, are designed to work with high heat and to be non-sticking, eh?

  10. Don says:

    I will continue to use it. For me, performed as advertised. Switched to Glock 17 as primary carry and treated prior to qualifying. Smooth like butter. The action of the slide is incredibly smooth.

  11. Josh says:

    Until it fails me, which I doubt it will, I will continue to use Fireclean. It makes cleanup of my suppressed ARs and the pistons of my P7s a snap. It simply works better than the competition.

    Internet commandos turned organic chemistry experts are not going to convince me of very much at all, certainly not to discontinue use of a product that has made my life a lot easier.

    Of course, if it turns out that I can make the stuff at home from inexpensive components, I likely will.

  12. Thomas says:

    Honestly, I am going to experiment with rapeseed oil for cleaning. I have taken enough organic chemistry classes to know there is a degree of truth in what VUURWAPPEN/TFB are saying. I use Fireclean to clean carbon off my rifle. After the gun is clean I degrease the gun again, and lightly coat key parts with MPro 7. I have spent a small fortune on Fireclean and I am a tad angry. If the rapeseed oil can clean just as well as Fireclean, I am done with Fireclean.

    • SSD says:

      Why are you angry?

      • Thomas says:

        “A tad angry”…

        1.) I should have read the patent and MSDS like I always do when I buy products and simply realized it was a “vegetable oil”

        2.) I have been paying way to much for a product I could have essentially made myself. ( I took a lot of Chemistry course.) I like to build and make my own things. (Guns, houses, fly rods, furniture, computers, “Bailey’s Irish Cream”, shampoo, soap, knives etc.)

        3.) Thank you SSD for being calm through this whole circus. I respect the LAV. I respect SSD. I like TFB. I like Vuurwappen. One thing about firearms owners, we are awful to each other.

        Cheers mate.

  13. T says:

    Pretty sure people were just disappointed in their extremely canned response, and threat to sue because someone said it was Crisco. If that’s just a BS claim, then they shouldn’t have even noticed, or released enough data on show what it is. Personally I roll with M-Pro, as I’ve had extremely good results with it, and their cleaning solvent.

  14. James Francis says:

    Nope. Still using it and will continue to. It does work well, honestly I don’t know what the big deal is. At worst, it’s funny if it is just lightly blended canola oil, at best at least I know what to use for gun oil in a pinch. :p

  15. Craig says:

    I have been using it for about two years now since seeing it perform ever so slightly better than the SLiP 2000 I was using. Like others, it’s non toxic so I’m going to keep using it, could be baby seal blood, don’t care, I’d still use it.

  16. Works well on my gas piston in my vz58. I use froflube for anything I worry about corroding.

  17. PLiner says:

    I will continue to use it on my personal weapons and my work guns. I’ve been using it OCONUS for a couple of years now on just about everything that can launch some hate without issue. In all that time, I have went through about 2-3 bottles of it. The stuff lasts and doesn’t need to be applied like crazy, so the whole argument over cost per ounce is rather a moot point IMO.

    That dude’s article is as Effed up like a football bat, just like he is with his “advise” that military pax shouldn’t use it. There are more dudes on ODAs using FireClean OCONUS and even at the school house on range 37 than you can shake a stick at. He needs to stick to advise about stuff that he knows, like Jack and Shit.

    Also worth mentioning is that WaffleIron Blog boy went full retard and obviously doesn’t understand how to read the graphs correctly. My only question is did the dude who did the analysis wear a white lab coat at all? Cause you know if the dude works at a University and also wears a white lab coat, it’s got be legit.

    If anything, FireClean will probably see an increase in sales, as you can’t even buy the publicity that this has generated for them.

    • The Dude says:

      My thing is, and I get your point, what did ODAs use before this stuff? CLP. Still got the mission done, still put lots of bad guys 6ft under. The marketing hype train is just annoying to me; its lube. I’d be more impressed if they gave it to a bunch of PFCs on a weapons squad and their guns still ran perfectly after a week. You could give an ODA butter as lube and they’d make it work.

  18. dudeabides says:

    Yeah, I’m not going to give it up. It works beyond anything else I’ve used over the years, which has been a lot. Slip is GTG, so is MilComm, but FC is still better for my applications. I can scoop it all day for ~$10/2oz bottle, and I have plenty of bottles left to use. Popped two bottles about 18 months ago. One for civvie, on for mil use and neither are done yet. The mil bottle is on its last legs. When they say apply sparingly, they actually do mean just two drops or so.

  19. Harm Uden says:

    I never used it and have no inclination to change my lubricant or corrosion prevention liquids. I think there is a lot of snake oil crap in the gun industry. When people jump on the band wagon I shake my head with disgust about the sheep mentality with a group of people that don’t think they are sheep. If it works for people then stick to it.

  20. Chris L says:

    I have a bottle and a half left of FC. I plan to use FC on one pistol and Crisco on the another for the next two months. If the Crisco does just as well, I’ll switch to Crisco once I run out of FC.

  21. Ben says:

    I’ve never really understood the fanatical brand loyalty surrounding lube. Sure it’s important to have a good quality product but it’s more important to service your weapon regularly. I’ve certainly never been so passionate on the subject that I’d feel the need to “swear by” one of the brands.

  22. Shoperator says:

    I’ve been using it for a couple years and will still continue to use it. It works for me and our work guns. I also know of at least 2 great firearms manufacturers that use it on demo weapons. This has turned into just another “alpha male” internet scuffle.

    The comments about, but but what about the FC response! Who cares? Use it or don’t they will most likely be in business regardless. If the price is so out of bounds they will be forced to make a correction, until then they have a good product at a higher price than some. Just like many gear makers on this site. If you won’t buy XYZ brand pants, armor or boots because they are way to expensive, welcome to adulthood. Some shit is out of our price range, congrats to the dudes that are issued it and/or buy it.

  23. Gabe says:

    Sure why not? I will keep using it and when I run out, I’ll try Crisco. In the same way that I use a bar of Irish clean as my soap and shampoo. Surfactants are surfactants, yo.

  24. Alex says:

    I’ll keep using it. It works. end of story

  25. Ian says:

    I’ll keep using it on my issued M4 until I run out of my current supply, then I might see if Crisco works just as well in one of my range plinking guns. (I don’t want to risk it on an issued weapon). If it turns out that crisco seems to work just as well, I might switch over, but it’s undeniable that Fireclean works really damn well. Plus I’d rather spend the extra cash on the fireclean for ease of mind if I’m using it for a weapon that can determine life or death.

  26. Jimbo says:

    I have been using it for years CONUS, Afghanistan and Iraq and it works. I have no particular loyalty to one lube or another (except Astroglide) and I will continue to have Fireclean in my cleaning box, can and bag regardless of it’s chemical composition. I use all kinds of stuff when I clean guns. Hell, a huge can of WD 40, a brush, and a rag was my M2’s best friend for many years of combat.

  27. reverenddel says:

    In truth? I’m kinda seeking it out now. I want to see for myself, and how it performs. So maybe all the controversy was free advertising.

  28. Joe says:

    I’ve been using FireClean for a few years now. Prior to that, my go-to was Militec-1 which is also a great lubrication. FireClean has worked great for me in all of my firearms. I have experience with it in Hot/Humid Climates, Sub-Zero Climates, and in very sandy and muddy conditions. It’s held up well under sustained full auto fire and suppressed full auto fire. I’ll definitely continue to use it. It just works.

  29. Bill says:

    Vegetable oils as lubricants is nothing new. But for true green non-toxic renewable lubricants nothing beats Sperm Whale oil.

  30. tom says:

    I’ll buy a bottle just to show support and give it away for Christmas.

  31. It works as advertised. Period.

    I don’t care if it is made out of unicorn tears.

    An organic based oil…hmmm….that means we should stop using any product created out of any organic materials from planet earth. Last I checked oil was a result of organic materials under high pressure for a long time.

    If I were Fireclean, I’d fire up some hot-shot libel lawyers and unleash the dogs of war on those spreading nonsense.

  32. Casey says:

    On rifles, I use mostly FireClean, and I plan to continue doing so. The stuff just works. Our work rifles, for example, generally get shot/cleaned/lubed on a quarterly basis, and I deliberately abstain from adding lube before shooting mine in training, only to find that the weapon is still visibly wet and malfunction-free. This is in spite of being carried 12 hours a day, 3-4 days a week, with constant transitions from climate controlled rooms to being exposed to South Florida’s heat, humidity, and frequent rain. I know that this pales in comparison to the environmental conditions folks are experiencing overseas, but FireClean meets my needs.

    I’ve also put an HK VP9 through the Pistol-Forum 2,000 round test using FireClean (meaning the handgun was cleaned and lubed once, then fired 2,000 times with no subsequent cleaning, lube, or maintenance). Zero stoppages or malfunctions, and the slide rails were still wet at the end of the test. Granted, I’ve found that pistols are less lubricant-sensitive as ARs.

    Slip2000 EWL is my other go-to lube, and I’ve found that it functions almost as well as FireClean, the only difference being that carbon build-up tends to wipe away easier with FireClean.