U.S. Elite Gear – Arc’teryx LEAF + Salomon Forces Promo


All of September, US Elite is giving a free gift for any qualifying Arc’teryx LEAF and/or Salomon Forces purchase. A new gift will be revealed every Thursday of September.

Ares Gear Belt

This week, purchase $500 worth of Arc’teryx LEAF and/or Salomon Forces and get an exclusive Limited Edition Custom Engraved U.S. Elite Ares Gear Enhanced Aegis Belt as a gift.

This promo runs through September 23rd.

Click either of the images above or the following link for qualifying items – – LEAF and Forces Promo


4 Responses to “U.S. Elite Gear – Arc’teryx LEAF + Salomon Forces Promo”

  1. Kerbert says:

    Man, US Elite REALLY loves Arc’teryx. All their posts are for ‘Teryx items. Must be getting a sweetheart deal. How about promoting some US manufacturers?

    • Geoff says:

      They had a nice response to a post like yours on their Facebook page.

      On another note, this makes last weeks $275 minimum purchase seem like a deal.

    • Steve says:

      Kerbert, appreciate the feedback. Yessir, we love Arc’tyerx, it’s best in class kit! As for US manufacturers, definitely, last week we highlighted the Velocity BOSS Rugby Shirt and this week’s highlight is another quality American-made product, the Ares Gear Enhanced Aegis Belt. Stay tuned, definitely more Arc’teryx to come, but…lots more too :).

      – Steve, U.S. Elite