MDM – Quantico Tactical – Spuhr AB

It’s always a pleasure to speak with Håkan Spuhr and I had a chance at the Quantico Tactical booth. He had a variety of products but this Adjustment Device for lasers and laser range finders caught my eye. Here, we see it paired with the Spuhr Accessory Ring which allows the mounting of various accessories to a spotting scope.


It allows the user to zero the LRF to the same zero as the spotting scope with an adjustment range of +/- 10 mils at .25 mils per click. The LRF can be detached and reattached without losing zero. Additionally, the LRF can be mounted to a tripod.


It’s a two-piece design with the male portion attached to the Laser Range Finder and the female portion or base, is attached to the Accessory Ring.


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