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AUSA Disappointed In Budget ‘Train Wreck’

I received this statement from AUSA earlier today and had to share it.  I agree completely.  

Statement of Gordon R. Sullivan, USA retired, Association of the U.S. Army President and CEO

“It is disappointing we sit on the sidelines watching the train wreck that is our defense budget process.

“Here we are at the start of a fiscal year with a patchwork appropriations that keeps our military funded only through Dec. 11, and with a veto threat over the defense policy bill. Everything that is happening was avoidable, if only our executive and legislative branches would work together in the name of national security.”

“In an increasingly uncertain world, failure to do something so essential as passing a defense budget does nothing to help the morale of our soldiers and other service members, nor being a credible friend and ally and a formidable foe.”


7 Responses to “AUSA Disappointed In Budget ‘Train Wreck’”

  1. T.H says:

    I dont see how anyone could argue with that…

  2. majrod says:

    I don’t see how it’s both sides. The GOP is willing to erase sequester as it pertains to defense. The Dem’s won’t let it be delinked from social programs hence the workaround of using funding for deployments to try and make up the difference…

    I understand why Generals try and take a middle of the road approach. Calling out guilty parties can make it hard to achieve your goals down the road but it comes a time you single out offending individuals instead of speaking in generalities.

  3. Tom says:

    AUSA is the train wreck.

  4. Seamus says:

    We haven’t passed any budget, let alone a balanced one in well over a decade. Congress is riding the gravy train and kicking the can down the road and this will all come to a rather predictable and terrible end. All the while using the Military as pawns in a giant social experiments aimed only at getting more votes.

    Both parties are responsible for this mess because in the end, the leadership on both sides of the aisle are all about their “careers” can could care less about the rest of us “unwashed masses.”

    • usaeod911 says:

      I agree with you Seamus, and the fact that the pay increase for our troops is 1.3% while the COL increase is at 14% is absolutely laughable…why can’t we take care of our troops, they are the 1% of America that voluntarily sacrificies everything for the nation, but the nation gives very little to nothing in return. I abhor Politics and the mindset that you have to bend your will to your constituents in order to trade your soul for monies in order to retain or proclaim you seat in office. It’s truly a sad day in America.

  5. Jim says:

    The problem is bigger than just defense spending. The whole .gov is having to live with the repercussions of this moronic game.

  6. Brett says:

    The problem boils down the American people, who keep voting the same ineffectual radical rascals of both parties into office, who vote with their emotions instead of their common sense, or who don’t vote at all.