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US Elite Gear – 007 Kit


US Elite Gear is now offering the 007 Kit. Customers who purchase an Arc’teryx LEAF Bravo Jacket and Salomon Forces XA Pro Mid GTX, will receive $125 worth of free gifts, including:

  • Petzl STRIX VL
  • US Elite T-shirt
  • US Elite 2.5″ Round PVC Logo Patch
  • US Elite 45 Cal Can O’ Whoop Ass


    8 Responses to “US Elite Gear – 007 Kit”

    1. James Francis says:

      I know it’s just marketing fluff.. but have they actually seen a James Bond movie or read any of the books.. this stuff makes no sense. Lol

    2. James Irwin says:

      007 kit?!

      LOL…why not throwing in a Letherman multi-tool and a Gerber folder.

      What a joke.

    3. "Bob" says:

      Shouldn’t this be tagged under WTF?

      The STRIX is cool, but it’s not terribly special or expensive.

    4. BravoMike says:

      James Bond carries a .45 now?!

    5. Rearmount says:

      Hahaha nice stuff, but I, too, fail to see the 007 connection.

      Nothing with Walther, a suit, tie, or an Aston. 😉

    6. BS says:

      Where is tuxedo?!

    7. vdmsr says:


    8. Philip says:

      This can’t be a Bond kit, there’s no Omega watch! 😉