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Today Marks The Anniversry of the Battle of Mogadishu

Today actually marks two major anniversaries in the history of US Special Operations. First, is the creation of the 75th Ranger Regiment through the activation of its 3rd Battalion. It’s also the date of 1993’s Battle of Mogadishu during which elements of TF Ranger, deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia conducted an operation on that city’s Olympic Hotel in order to capture key leaders of the Aidid Militia.

Unfortunately, during the exfil portion of the raid a battle ensued that claimed the lives of 18 Americans and wounded another 73. Additionally, CW3 Michael Durant was captured by the militia. Fortunately, Durant was later repatriated and went on to retire from the 160th.


For those of you unfamiliar, one of the best accounts of the battle is contained in the book, “Blackhawk Down” by author Mark Bowden. Much of the information was serialized prior to the book’s publication in the Philadelphia Enquirer. Later this was made into a movie bearing the same name.

If you want to here more from a man that was there in the thick of it, pick up a copy of Panteao Productions‘ “Battle of the Black Sea” featuring MSG Paul Howe (USA, Ret).

Please take a moment to remember these men and their sacrifice.

5 Responses to “Today Marks The Anniversry of the Battle of Mogadishu”

  1. Drew says:

    It’s also the anniversary of the Battle of the Kamdesh, aka COP Keating.

  2. Truckie117 says:

    Thank You Brothers and remember Bill Clinton denied the Armor needed to make you safer.

  3. Shteve-O says:

    I remember I had just gotten on email. First-hand accounts were emerging, incredibly detailed and totally tragic – and completely preventable! Blood and guts (and Cope spit) everywhere. And yes, Truckie117, Les Aspin regretted that decision to the day he died, following Clinton’s desire to not repeat the quagmire of Vietnam, and escalate. The whole thing was like a bad movie, from start to finish. RIP to the 18 fallen – and a tribute as well, to those who fought and survived!

  4. Loic says:

    This event happen my first year of service in the military. I remember my squad leaders remarks. Every 3 October I remember a pray for the lost hero’s. You are not forgotten!
    God bless your families and love ones.

  5. BravoMike says:

    Honor the brave and remember the fallen. You are not forgotten, God bless you all.